Dark Wishing

Dark Wishing

A Poem by ~Wandering Soul~

I wish I could be like the man on the bench
throwing scraps of bread to the pigeons
A mask of calmness and peace and serenity
So at ease in his trousers and green buttoned shirt

But maybe he is just like me
He could just be putting on a show for us all
Wishing that the scraps were something else
Wishing that they were scraps of himself
That he could pull himself to pieces bit by bit
and throw it to the hungry beaks
begging for another crumb

Maybe he, like me, would want to pick at himself
and throw it away
Give myself to something more deserving than me
To let the hungry beaks swallow each piece whole
and not leave a trace
that anything was there at all


For now though we stand apart and walk away
My eyes closed, ears listening
To their wings and claws and beaks


Hoping for them to swoop and take me away
To help me disappear

© 2011 ~Wandering Soul~

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Added on November 30, 2011
Last Updated on November 30, 2011


~Wandering Soul~
~Wandering Soul~


I'm a 20 year old girl from Australia who has always had a passion for writing. It's my way of explaining things that I can't put to words - I write. I'm studying nursing at the moment so that in a.. more..