The Age Of My Years

The Age Of My Years

A Story by Dr. Tim Williams

Reflecting the times of my life.

As the age of my years settles in the comfort that I have known is often diminished by the unsettledness of life. Through-out the years where I have known great joy and passion have tempered the sorrow and anguish that has always past my way. Remembrance of all those yesterdays where there was victorious athletic achievements or noble accomplishments they were always overshadowed by mistakes made along the way. 

Even though I now bask in the twilight of my years after thoughts of what could have been flow through conscious thoughts. Many a time I question what could have been if I did things just a little bit differently. They say hindsight is just an old mans dream. But, for me I still live with this reality.

When I was young the carefree days of youth flowed like a gentle stream making it's way to the ocean of life. As I reached manhood I set sail into uncharted waters always looking ahead. Soon rough seas and howling winds brought storms that often set me adrift. But, I always managed to right my ship and kept on sailing straight ahead. 

Those were the years that were either filled with caviar or humble pie. Where moments of the sublime were too short to last. But, as time moved on the older I got I began to realize the sea of life always has it's way. Now, the age of my years has finally caught up with me I have finally realized it was really meant to be.   

Resting easy with the few years I have left those fleeting moments of sweet tenderness linger ever so effortlessly in my memory. With great fondness I look back to see a smile so infectious has stayed through-out the years. Lingering thoughts where moments were sublime has always kept reoccurring in time. The course I have sailed carried me to places I never thought I'd be. Yet, from all the Ports I been too and the hardships that hampered my way there always seem to be fleeting moments of ecstasy. 

The age of my years has taught me well. Now, I've come to reflect on this world of ours only to find myself amazed at the resiliency that is still within me. All my life from tragedy to triumph from Champagne to apple pie the will to survive has kept me afloat when troubled waters arrived. If we all could have lived the life I led through calm seas to gale force winds the horizon always lies just ahead.  

© 2016 Dr. Tim Williams

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Added on November 27, 2016
Last Updated on November 27, 2016
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Dr. Tim Williams
Dr. Tim Williams

Tampa, FL

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