Watershed Year

Watershed Year

A Story by Dr. Tim Williams

The year and a half of Trump has almost destroyed the very core of America

As with the coming of spring there should be renewed hope that all things blossom by the warmth of the sun. Yet, the clouds of uncertainty hang heavily overhead. We find ourselves being led by a Banana Republic want-a-be dictator. It is without question that the American public was conned by a charlatan who is nothing more than an narcissistic egomaniac with delusions of grandeur. Trump has made a mockery of the office of the Presidency. Not to mention has turned the United States upside down with his rendition of public office. Still, we have members of congress that are incapable of recognizing how really dangerous President Trump is. 

One of the most concerning questions every American has to ask, is it too late to save the United States? One has to wonder considering how deep rooted the corruption there is in both major political parties. It was very obvious and quite evident during the Democratic primaries. It was then that the power elite of the Democratic party sabotaged the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. The Republicans were equally compromising to ensure the Presidency of Trump. In the year and a half since becoming President the stature of the United States has drastically been altered. What the Trump Administration has done has only shown the world how far we have fallen not only as a nation but as a society.

We have to remember when Thomas Jefferson put what we call today an escape clause in the Constitution I bet he never envisioned that someday this nation would be called to act on it. Yet, it has been the resounding silence of the public to care let alone to act thinking that all is well and good. We had better wake up and smell the coffee as they say because if this nation intends to survive as the country our founding fathers envisioned it is our sacred right to throw-out this oligarchy government that has become too corrupt.

Everyone has to realize what has actually happened to this nation just within the past 50 years. When the voice of the people are silenced by the power of wealth, when hopes and dreams are never realized by corporate greed, and when society succumbs to a much lower common denominator by self-serving bureaucrats no longer are we the land of the free. 

It is a sad irony that had the democratic party allowed the primaries to unfold without incident we would then have a President that embodies the very character of the office of the Presidency. When wealth dominates the political landscape as it has for such a long time the heavy hand of corruption is not too far behind. And, when we have allowed this to happen what we get in return is a government not of the people and for the people but a government for themselves. 

Yes, this is a watershed year if we as a society fail to realize that we are being led down that slippery slope, that orchestrated path toward a nation that will no longer be recognizable as the United States our founding fathers gave to us to safeguard. We have to remember in unity there is strength and where there is strength there is the will to overcome and where there is the will there is the conviction to right the wrongs that have been allowed to infest and contaminate the very core of our nation.  

Democracy can only succeed when there is a well educated, informed and participating public. When restrictions are purposely put in place to stymie and make our right to vote that much more difficult as what is happening today only precludes that we as citizens of the United States have it within our power to throw out that government. We have today a government that puts restrictions on our most sacred right. We  must not allow a government to silence the will of the people.  

© 2018 Dr. Tim Williams

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Added on February 8, 2018
Last Updated on February 8, 2018
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Dr. Tim Williams
Dr. Tim Williams

Tampa, FL

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A Story by Dr. Tim Williams