Do We Really Need Education?

Do We Really Need Education?

A Poem by Ricky Campbell

As a kid my parents preached education was a key to success 
As did my priests, teachers, coaches, and janitors 
But who ever knew it could cause so much stress
12 years of our lives spent sitting behind a desk
Which most of the time is helpful, but what about the rest?
There are people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates with no college education
But combined make more money than most of our nation
Knowing this, many take high school for granted and drop out
Well that really sucks
Because most of us don't have a great skill and a lot of luck
They end up in factories or on the side of the street
Just because they were too impatient to stay in their seat
Those of us who wait have a higher success rate
but you have to wait 2,4,7 or 8 years longer
The longer you stay, the higher the rate you have of doing great
But at the same time, you unnoticeably dig a deeper and deeper hole
One you won't fill back up again until you're too old
Some people lose hope, and stay at the bottom their whole life
Others scratch and claw at the wall only to see themselves fall
The ones who stay longer fill it up quicker and quicker
Shoving in more and more dirt making it thicker
But why do we even start this?
To be happy but are we really?
Too busy filling the hole we lose our sense of feeling
I want to be happy, this is my goal
And I’ll find my own way, I don't care what I'm told.

© 2015 Ricky Campbell

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It's funny, the actual people who created school was prussia and it was a form of mind control to brain wash young men into being obedient soldiers who wouldn't question their authorities. I love this poem because it shows us all sides of how most people feel about education. Those who don't want it are still getting it, and those who are too poor and want it so badly aren't getting it at all. I'm just about to graduate I'm a month and a half away from graduating high school and I plan to go to college. Because ultimately I don't have strong labor skills to handle going off on my own. I also enjoy learning and hope it will be much better than high school, 8-12 more years of school. And I will fight and struggle, and claw my way through. Thank you for writing this poem, sorry for the long review.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Education is the key to success in our life....
Even though lot of people using their talents to success in their life, education is the basic for everything and for everyone....
Good thoughts..... Keep writing...

Posted 2 Years Ago

High school was really awful, not because of the education (for me at least) but because of the environment. I do enjoy this poem, though. Our society is a bit rigged. If you don't, at the very least, finish high school or get a GED, then you're pretty much doomed. However, if you only get a high school diploma, then you're mostly likely doomed to factories. To be deemed "worthy" in society, then we have to dig a hole of debt to even be considered for most jobs. I am in college right now, and I really love it--all the aspects of it. However, I do wish it were more practical financial-wise. I find your comments here to be really critical of the current society, and I just love it. Your rhyme scheme is also awesome, by the way! Everything here is just ace.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This one's very much relatable. Thank you for sharing. We do need education, however, maybe not the formal one. Most of the things in life are learned through experiences not by going to school. Life educates us. Kudos!

Posted 3 Years Ago

nice!!!! i can definitely relate to this............. keep on writing dude

Posted 3 Years Ago

Yeah, I like this. Very important questions and answers. Nicely done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I believe we need education to learn history, learn how to be a friend and find what you enjoy. In my days in school. We were taught life skills. Not all people wanted to go to college. They liked working on cars. Building things. Trade school is a alternative place. In Europe. You have options. Trade school or college. Old wise saying. A dumb-down population can be controlled. We must understand our world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is a wide open topic with many answers.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I think everyone can relate to this
it seems like we spend forever going to school

and there is always the question of whether or not it is profitable
but you also said it well in that it's a mix of effort, dedication and even chance

I think in the end
that's destiny

informative write


Posted 3 Years Ago

NICE WRITE. My personal view on the topic, yes we need education i believe knowledge is power if you want to change the system on how we are taught then you will need the education and knowledge to do so.

Posted 3 Years Ago

It isn't about whether we need education or not. We need it. The question is what kind of education do we need. It isn't just about jobs and earning a living. It's about giving us the tools to plant a garden and setting us free to do it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

i love this poem. the way you think and feel, then put it into your poems is amazing. you have an amazing gift. i love that your poems sum up so much emotion. and i agree with this poem, i'm only in 9th grade but the stress of school is ruff. keep writing and ill keep reading and reviewing. ;)

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Ricky Campbell
Ricky Campbell

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I am a 16 year old teen from a calm, quiet city. I have aspirations of publishing a book of poetry before I graduate high school, and would appreciate any feed back and tips! Also, if you would like m.. more..


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