Grey Matter

Grey Matter

A Poem by Ty

Passion, Pretending, Patience.

Every piece of rhythm and soul
Esteem and self
I Would have been on time
But breakfast on the Moon ran long
And brunch on Mars was a little far
When feelings unparalleled
In hopes I'd cope and brush it off
As if it were something that you would miss,
Intelligence telling me this
Spiritual and morality filled
Patience and paying attention
The evils tempting and gripping,
Is usually something worth dismissing
Compassion, respect. 
Learning, reasoning
Every piece of rhythm and soul
Heart open, it roams,
Or says the wrong thing
Hemisphere of dreams
In desperate need of peace
As these fiends wean into placebos and supplements
The sheep have quit leaping
If it keeps,
An edge achieved
Approached at speeds of mach and laser beams
Apparently unyielding
Seems the darker, more fitting.
Feeling frustrated,
This element of my being,
Grey matter in gradient patterns,
Laughter for masking,
Preaching this old love song,
Asking orbiting questions,
Absorbing every dumb thing,
Regurgitating in awe,
An escape.
Manna-hata plateau
Perfect aesthetic
Graffiti on walls,
In abundance of monumental murals of Prince and abstract Owls.
An entire colonization underneath,
This concrete jungle and Earth.
She's stunning.
New York's finest.
Finesse for the time seeing as I'm being honest.
I'd build a fortress
An orb, my spherical object
Sword forged of persistence.

© 2017 Ty

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"Manna-Hata" dreamscape- nightmarescape- take your pick- or take both...superb kaleidoscope of art, words, thoughts, stimuli, experiences, graphically described and felt. Staccato stream-of consciousness words and images explode, become alive and loom larger than life. So Absolutely Brilliant my friend!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 20, 2017
Last Updated on June 27, 2017
Tags: Current, Adventure, Spirit, Compassion, Respect, Intelligence, Hope, Rhythm, Poem, Prose, Haiku, Poetry, Love, Desire, NewYork, Monumental, Paradise, Prince, Romance, Family, Life, Magic, Dreams



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