Achak and the animals

Achak and the animals

A Story by twinklytwilight

Achak, an american Indian boy who lives in Canada (Or Kanata as the american Indians called it) tries to protect animals from being killed, but will he succeed?

Achak Begay ran by the seashore. The sand was white and warm. The sun shone brightly. Kanata was forever his marvelous home. Aiyanna, Achak's big sister came panting behind him. "Achak," she scolded, "Don't run so fast!" Achak splashed in the waves. "Stop that, Achak, you know you can't go too far." Aiyanna said with a sigh. Aiyanna lay down on the beach until Achak woke her from the dream. 

"Aiyanna! There's a-a-" "A what Achak? What could there be to frighten you, a brave boy?" Aiyanna asked, annoyed. "THERE'S A BOAT!" Achak screamed. "A boat?" Aiyanna asked, panicking, "We gotta tell papa." Aiyanna sprinted away, Achak barely keeping up. When they reached their tepee, they rushed in. "Papa, papa!" the children cried. "What is it?" their father asked. Achak's father had a big brown beard and had painted marks on his face. "A BOAT!" the children shrieked. 

"A boat!?" Achak's father asked, alarmed, "I must sound the horn." Achak's father marched out and went to a big horn. He blew it. Instantly, male american Indians came piling out tepees, going into an enormous tepee different from the others. It was the chief's tepee. Achak and Aiyanna watched with their mother at the entrance of the tepee. 

After a while, the men set out with spears and weapons. They walked out to the beach organized. After many hours, the men returned with happy smiles on their face. "The foreigners have brought many good things such as metal and swords and weapons we have never seen!" the chief said, "But in trade we must give the furs of animals. So men, go kill!" the men exchanged worried looks, they always tried their best not to kill and even if they had to, they gave their blessings to the dead body. "GO!" the chief screamed.

So many days passed with this killing. They got more and more good things and killed more ad more animals until the hunt was hard to find because the animals started hiding. "Papa," Achak said one day, "Please don't kill anymore." "I'm sorry Achak, the chief is forcing us all." Achak's father said. "I need to stop this." Achak said and ran into the woods.

He ran until he saw animals come out. They saw he carried no weapon and advanced slowly and cautiously towards him. "Boy," a bear growled, "Have you come to hunt us?" "No." Achak replied honestly. "Boy," a wolf said, "What do you want?" "I want to help you." Achak said. "Boy," a raccoon whispered, "We wish to have revenge on the people."  "We will give your tribe the worst bitings ever." the mosquitoes said with big grins, "But we will not bite you, you are a saint." 

So a few days later, the mosquitoes started biting everybody in the tribe, making them sick. Achak's family was very ill and some people had died. "This cannot go on. I will have nobody." Achak decided and headed to see the animals again. "Boy!" everyone welcomed. "Stop it!" Achak screamed. "WHY?" the mosquitoes asked, buzzing angrily. "Because, because you are killing my family and other people's too. You are killing all the good and bad. The good ones are innocent but even so they suffer because of your selfish choice. Some don't want to kill. Many don't." Achak said, crying. 

"Don't cry," a chorus of voices said, "We'll help." everyone looked down at some herbs. "We are medicinal herbs to cure sicknesses." the plants said,"Feed us to the sick and they shall be well once more." Achak wiped away his tears and picked out some herbs and sprinted back to his tribe. Soon, the tribe stopped killing and were good and well soon.

© 2016 twinklytwilight

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