i moved on

i moved on

A Poem by heich

i dunno felt like writing it..

knowing you is a blessing and a curse.
i felt the best and the worst.
i smiled and cried because of you.
you were my sane for a year are two.
i never thought i'll be over you someday.
now i could live without thinking of you for a day.
maybe i've loved and lived only for you.
but i moved on and there's nothing you could do.
i used to cry when i think of you with her.
now i look at you and i'm happy that you're there.
i wonder how i fell for someone like thee.
you're selfish and you look like a tree.
well, i don't care as long as i made it through your rain.
thanks for the heartaches that made me whole again.

© 2010 heich

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I loved the lines
"I wonder how I fell for thee
You're selfish and you look like a tree"
It made me smile!

Posted 8 Years Ago

alittle sad, but very very well constructed. i loved the final line

Posted 8 Years Ago

I think when someone leaves us, it leaves us imcomplete because we werent the ones doing the leaving. Being left is just horrible, especially when unexpected. It drives us to feel sorry for ourselves and then we feel anger like no anger before maybe because we feel like fools. However it always gets better when we get ourselves together and have that chance to have full closure where we can speak our mind and show them we no longer need or want them and often that is when they want us most of all. Good write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Aww. I loved it. It made me sad. But great job. =)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great poem! Some people actually need to read this to actually move on but it just shows you're a strong lady and you can accomplish things even after a tough lost. Moving on is what many people need to do. And I'm glad there's a poem about it! :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

yes~ sometimes it be that way~ from the heights of adoration to the roots of indifference with a dozen different branches to fall through in between~ you describe that fal out of the 'love thang' very well here~

Posted 8 Years Ago

I agree with -LookWithin- it has a lot of mistakes, but other than that it's a good poem. Keep writing! (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

Line 4 the word "sane" should be sanity..Overall a very
good write with great feeling and depth ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I agree and I like the poem

Posted 8 Years Ago

(: I like how it's sincerely from your being.

But my critical side see's some things and I hope you don't hate me.
1. "are" in line 4 should be or
2."i'll" in line 5 should be I'd
3. "could" in line 6 should be can
4. "kived" in line 7 should be lived, right?
5. "could" in line 8 should be can
6. "think" in line 9 should be thought
7. I think you can take out "as long as" in line 13 and make it because
and that is it. Sorry my dear, Thought I should help. Please don't be angered with me. (: Great poem though.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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dipolog city, Philippines

i'm an undecided writer. i like to write things that i see..about love pain and such but i never really had any experience about those things..i enjoy writing poems and short short stories. there a.. more..

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