An Unknown Past [Septhis' POV]

An Unknown Past [Septhis' POV]

A Chapter by Kayla Amaro


She was too young. Too new to everything. The second I met her at the clinic I could practically taste her naïveté. It was going to be extremely difficult to work with her, because she didn't see that we're a team. We bring balance to the world. But she was so determined to wage war against me, she didn't realize it.

I played it cool at the clinic when she spat out all those words to my face. Cruel. Disgusting. Sick. Twisted. I didn't let her see how much those words hurt me to my core. It isn't as if I enjoy or relish in my role because I'm some sort of monster. Nevertheless, I do take pride in it.

In the time when my father fulfilled this role, something happened. It was the reason why he disappeared, why I came into existence. 

Lyvia's mother and my father did something they knew they shouldn't have: they fell in love. Something about my father's darkness attracted her as did something in her light attracted him. They vowed they would work together to keep a healthy balance in the world. That would prevent Ocran, an evil being who is anarchy and chaos, to control it. 

But then I was born as a result. The balance was tipped to one side. Ocran was released, and his tendency towards death led to tragic consequences. Earth was filled with more destruction than ever. Whole empires collapsed. The atmospheric pressure changed dangerously. Natural resources were diminished. Natural disasters increased in rate and size. There was more violence, more murder...more work for my father to do. 

Lyvia's mother actually, begged my father to destroy me. I remember I was young and so very afraid. But even if he wanted to destroy me he couldn't: a representative of death can only destroy himself. It's strange, but there are laws the universe has established for beings like us.

So, my father decided to destroy himself to end Ocran's reign. My mother, Lyvia's creator, couldn't live with that: she loved him too much. Quickly, she sought dust from the Earth and used all of her power and strength to create Lyvia. Afterwards, she disintegrated into nothingness. Now there was one representative of life and one of death again. Ocran was sealed away. 

I am proof that balance is essential. So I do take pride in my role.

Lyvia is determined to destroy me. She really can't, but that's not the point. There must be balance in the world in our relationship.

We need to work together to provide that balance. 

We cannot be enemies. 

And we cannot be too close. 

I am a firm believer in this. Lyvia didn't experience what I've experienced. I've witnessed first hand what Ocran is capable of. 

© 2017 Kayla Amaro

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Added on October 6, 2017
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Kayla Amaro
Kayla Amaro

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