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A Chapter by Veronica

As I raced down on my bike to the pool, I stopped, and locked my bike up to the bike rack, so that no one could steal it.


I raced towards the doors to the main office so they could swipe my pass, so I opened the doors, and went in. I had to wait though, since there was a long line.


Finally, after what seemed like forever but was only 3 minutes, I gave the lady my pool pass, and she swiped it, then I went through the locker room to where the actual pool was.


I went towards the stairs, and looked out for anybody I knew. I saw my friends Spencer and Carter Kingsley at the diving boards, and saw Jason, Seth, Kelsea, and some other girl under the shade by the diving boards.


I went to where Kelsea was, and she said, "Oh hey, Nic, meet Dawn Maxwell, she is 13 years old too, and she is from the state of Washington," as she introduced me to a girl with long black hair, who was wearing a white string bikini with sparkles, and inside her bag I saw a pink sundress as I thought, 'girly girl,' and said,


"Nice to meet you," as I shook her hand.


She said, "Thanks, mind telling me what your full name is?"


I said, "No problem, it's Nicole Bellington," as I saw Jason flash a dirty look at me. I shook it off and said, "Should we go swimmi-" as the whistles blew. That meant 10 minute adult swim, so we had to wait.


As I saw Spencer coming out of the diving boards, I said, "Yo Spencer, it's me, Nic," as I waved at Carter.


He said, as he smiled, "Hiya! Wanna meet someone?"


I said, enthusiastically, "Sure," as I followed him to his spot, and the little girl was by him, which I assumed was who he wanted me to meet.


Dawn came over and said, "He probably wants to introduce you to my sister, Dana," she said, as she motioned towards a girl with medium length brown hair, with brown eyes, and a pink tankini, with an orange and blue fish design.


I said, "Nice to meet you Dana," as I smiled down at her.


She said, "Hi," back, as I said, "Spencer, Dana, I'm going to be at the snackbar," I said, as I saw my friends heading there.


Dawn followed me, asking, "Why were you late? Kelsea told me you were supposed to be here at 1:15, not 1:45," as I replied, heading towards a table where I could sit,


"Oh, I had to say goodbye to a friend leaving for most of the summer, she's going to South Dakota," I said, as she said,


"Oh cool, it's a really neat place, you should tell me when she sends you something, I wanna take a look at it," she said as she motioned for Kelsea, Seth, and Jason to come over.


Kelsea started, asking, "WHY were you LATE, Nic?!" as Dawn said,


"Look, Kelsea, it wasn't her fault, she just had to say goodbye to a friend leaving til mid-August, you probably would too," she ended, as I thought, 'She's not bad....'


I said, "Thanks, Dawn, and yeah, I had to say goodbye, I know you are mad, but I'm sorry," as I saw Kelsea get up, and take Jason and Seth to another table, as she glared at me.


Dawn said, "Jeez, she didn't seem mad earlier, why is she now?" she asked me.


I said, "It happens," as she nodded in agreement.


Then the whistles blew for us to go back in.


© 2010 Veronica

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cool. is dawn supposed to represent someone, or is she just..there?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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