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Start part 2

A Chapter by Veronica

Kelsea ran up inbetween me and Dawn, as she pulled me aside, saying, "I'm sorry for being mad, I would do that too, accept my apology?"


As I said, "Yeah," as we went into the pool.


I jumped in beside Dawn, as we talked. I found out that she bikes everywhere like me, and that she had been in karate before.


I asked her, "Hey, would you mind coming to one of my classes with me? I'm sure my dad could drive us both there and we can do it together, or you could see me test for my dark blue belt, or both," I said laughing.


Dawn answered, "Sure, I'd love to, when is your next class?"


I said, "This Friday, so tomorrow," I said smiling, as I said, "We better go see what Kelsea and the boys are up to, 'cuz I think they ditched us for the diving boards," I said, swimming as Dawn swam beside me.


We indeed found Kelsea and the boys there, diving, as I said, "Hey, let me see if I can do a flip!"


I went up the steps, telling my self I probably couldn't do it, but I just ran, jumped up high, tucked my self in, and rolled, and I found out I had finally done a front flip, as I got out of the water, and seeing Seth waiting for a high five, I gave him one, as I heard Jason mutter, "She finally did one......"


I said to him, laughing, "You thought that I couldn't do one, right? Well let's see you do one," as I snickered.


He said, "Easy," as he jumped off the diving board, and failed.


He said, "I must've forgot," as I said,


"The term is afraid, and yes, I may be afraid of diving off the high dive, but I learned in 7th grade that when you can't do something, you are afraid of it, so clear your mind and try again," I told him.


He said, "I don't believe you, but I will try anyways to prove you wrong," he said, clearing his head.


I watched him, as he suceeded this time, as I said, "See?"


He said, "Ok, fine you were right this time, and I was wrong, there, are you happy now?" as I said,


"Yes, I am," as Dawn said,


"That was awesome!" as she said, "Where do you get this?"


I said, "Everyday experiences, you really do learn something new every day," I said, adding, "Today I learned that if you really put your mind to something, you can do it, I mean, I knew that already, but I didn't learn it yet," I finished.


The next few hours just went on with us having fun like this, until it got to dinner time.

© 2010 Veronica

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i hope our summer is similar to this :P sounds like fun.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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