On The Seventh Day

On The Seventh Day

A Story by V.L.Mir

Passion is a mystery that comes with a price


When did time stood still?

Five seconds before dawn, green lights twinkle like dusty stars in the night. The oblivion above displays his might, as his weight encompasses everything beneath him. He knows no glory.

Looking back, her life never had ornaments she can display to others. Plain is even an insult to the word itself. She had life like curses, yet her crosses never bow. She treated them like her brothers; for they are the only brethren she ever had since she was a child. Complacent is the personality others sympathize and secretly, she liked the attention.

Growing up, she only has her mother to whom she can relate herself. The world has never become so verdant and full of life, as those two sprinkles the land with positive enthusiasm and bundles of love. Even the skies envy what these two can offer to the world. She really is happy.

Or should I say, temporarily. You see, by the time she demonstrated to her mother how early she can handle a little independence, she left. Disbelief and confusion became her blood; it streams down from the ventricles of her despondent heart to the far most areas of her brain and shaken limbs. Her being was torn apart; even she can no longer identify herself in her reflection. She was lost. She was afraid. She needs her mother.

Six days have passed but still no sign of the woman she dearly loved. However, on the seventh day, two silhouettes have reached the sight of the poor maiden, one of which, she will never forget. But who owns the second shadow? Her eyes caught her mom’s, and the two interlock like forever was just a wasted yesterday. Tears swell down from her mother’s eyes as she slowly walks her way towards her. She was speechless but became even more, when her mom introduced her second husband.

Love is like a can opener; you can use it to open the can but it will always leave sharp edges. The incident happened long ago and, as ironic as it may seems, she now has a husband. In the moment where she thought her life has sunk too deep, he is the one who tossed her a life buoyant. His appearance is not of a man profuse with swollen muscles and musky sweat; his body is timid yet, along the course of their relationship, she prove to her his strength and dependability in everything they were going through.

Love coats the night with silver linings and golden threads. They have consummated their love for six days but their endurance seems to have grown stronger. On the night of the seventh day, their passion suddenly escalated to greater heights. Their desire for each other’s touch intensified and heated the connection that binds them. At first, it was exciting and lusciously provoking; however, as time took a longer detour, so as danger since her kisses took deeper, longer as her need runs wild. Then, she slowly bites, nips, chew and gnaw until she is now already chomping her husband’s head.

She is pregnant.

And as much as I want to confer a happy ending to her sad life, I simply cannot. As the moment continues to unfold in the life of our ill-fated woman, an echo of her mother’s encounter faintly reverberates in the night:

“You ask where your father is? He once was with me, now, he will always be. You are too young to understand this but you will someday. Just remember, it is a sacrifice your father and I did for you, since we love you. We will do everything for our children, even at the cost of our own life. That's a life a mantis goes through.”

© 2016 V.L.Mir

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Added on April 16, 2016
Last Updated on April 27, 2016



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