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the himalayan mystery

the himalayan mystery

A Story by jeevay

fiction about himalaya and a photograph its a first part of upcoming stories p.s.: its a short story

i was watching the himalaya picture that my father brought me .i was always curious about how the life will be on that white, cloudy,cold mountains. i was watching the picture for few minutes and i didn't know how i was somehow travelled from my room to that beautiful but chilly mountains . it was really unexpected for me ! 
the clouds were beautiful to watch it reminded me the white fluffy hairs my grandma used to have ! she always twirled them and she always look pretty in that white fluffy head but she always complained about how in her young age her hairs used to be black and thick . 
the mountain were rocky , i was lucky that i came in may here otherwise i would've been cryopreserved in the mountains as i was wearing my tee shirt and night pant , i was bear footed so the accupressure of stony mountain gave me strange feeling .... i read soo many books about various geners and some of them explained the himalaya so beautifully that i always wanted to meet them once in my life ! so this 'secret' must been applied today i thought ... 
the rocks were big they looked like mini mountains to me ! the road i walking on was also very broader than it looked in the picture i used to have in my room ... i was enjoying the beauty and suddenly i heard a 'thud' sound ... how could such a big sound came? i thought .. there were no volcano  present in himalayan mountains and sound was massive ... it came once and stopped ... somehow i realised that the sound was not as big or loud as i imagined it was my mind game ...
i started walking and exploring the mountain ,i saw beautiful but gigantic flowers , was it my infatuation? ....and once again that 'thud' sound came from my left side ... it was close to me... and now the sound was coming closer ... i hid behind a large rock .. in my bad situations the biggest enemy is my mind it always thinks negative .. like in this case my mind thought that it was a large grizzely bear or some kind of supernatural activity ... i started praying 'om namah shivaay' .. as i knew that himalay is the territory of lord shiva .. but nouse ... the sound was coming closer and becoming louder .... it was sound with some rhythm, like that of footsteps .... and now my fear was coming straight to reality ... i was freezed behind that rock .... footsteps came near me and then i saw two gigantic shoes going downhill ... it was a man ! a man 15 feet tall ! really this much tall ? i was confused how such a big man exists in reality ? how he remains unnoticed? what is doing upside ? what will he do downside ? and most importantly is he good or bad ?  .... i wanted  to search it .....

© 2016 jeevay

Author's Note

please tell me about every single mistake i am attempting in the short story

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Added on October 4, 2016
Last Updated on October 6, 2016



aurangabad, urban, India

hii i am jeevay and presenting you my work more..