between hurt

between hurt

A Poem by highonwords

it's when i thought you were ready to kiss,
that i knew we would be friends forever,
that moment i thought that would finally happen,
did it actually happen; and that answers my question,
so i just held your face and looked into your eyes,
as if everything that you are and will be is happening right then with me;
i held my breath, then i didn't because i wanted to take me with you,
but we were in the middle of the road and the lights were blazing,
the noise went orbital; darling these were your excuses as you clutched
close to your heavy clothes and pretended to find your legs and gain some foothold;
it was me who was falling; i was shattered and i didn't even know,
because no one even saw me as you walked away to catch the first bus to your place;
all i knew was how i felt hurting and how you must have felt not wanting to hurt anyone...
i got drunk last night,and dared myself to call you but i didn't have any money with me,
poor guy that i was who dreams of sending you flowers everyday, can't even pay for your coffee...
somehow i scared you, were you scared, or am i making things to believe that you must have loved me too,
even in your most painfully awakened self...when we went past many open doors and i held you close for you not to fall, just close enough for you to keep on dreaming that you were with someone who is not a just a friend to you even for the smallest place in time...

© 2017 highonwords

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There is something about 'between hurt' that first drew my attention and then held it throughout my consideration of it. I imagine free falling between one hurt or loss and another......Nice

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Added on October 20, 2017
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NOTE: Formerly my pen-name on this site is letterhead, but since i also have an account on DeviantArt, with a different pen-name, which is highonwords (stephanie) - i am going to use highonwords here .. more..

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