The Scribbling of the Moment #1

The Scribbling of the Moment #1

A Story by Wolfwind Poetry and Art

Just a flow of thoughts...

A long long time ago.... 
Well, no... not really. It was an ago.... but long of time? Perhaps not. 

It would be better to start off saying that there is nothing better that being bored and having nothing left to do but continue that direction for any length of time. Boredom by itself isn't the issue though. It's all the baggage that comes with it. Such as coffee... too much. Or being awake pointlessly... for too long. Or waiting for things that simply aren't going to happen, unless you conjure them up in your own imagination. Hmm... well that does get one out of the boredom highway... but the hazards of one's own imagination... well... Those can't be frightening in and among themselves.

So I challenged myself to stay sane as imagination struck me over my head and sent my spiralling downward. Down past the pits of somewheresville and across the slanted plains of yesterdays re-illusions, someplace other than that which might have been, and finally into a box of my own manufacturing. 

The walls were fur covered... a nice soft rabbit fur. neon pink and blue, with a few stripes of black. In the center of the box, hanging from the ceiling was a swing. Written upon it's new and sparklingly clean seat, "Sit on me and I'll scream." 

Not wanting to listen to the howls of a resentful swing set, I starting looking elsewhere in my box. I soon noticed that there was a small glass marble upon the floor in one of the distant corners. I set out in it's direction, the ground seemingly getting further and further stretched out of proportion as i went. I finally decided that I was being effected by the marbles radiant magnificance and was infact delusional. 

Taking a firm grip on my fingers I dove forward, hoping that I would get past this dream scape and reach the reflection which I desired. Sadly, the ground gave way with a sickening gurgle and I found myself back next the swing, lifting my head off of a soft belly of...I really wasn't sure. Anyway. I sat back up and looked around. I saw the marble across the way in the corner holding up a sign that read pointedly... Reality isn't here today... Come back next week!

© 2016 Wolfwind Poetry and Art

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Added on March 12, 2016
Last Updated on March 12, 2016


Wolfwind Poetry and Art
Wolfwind Poetry and Art

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