Diary of a werewolf

Diary of a werewolf

A Story by James Grizzly Jones


 For years I have been trying to find a cure for this beast inside me. feeling bad for some of the people caught in my path but the worst part about the killing is I’m starting to like IT I have slaughtered thousands real creeps like rapist, human trafficker’s, and all the other bottom feeders that slip through the system  out there and I enjoy it all. But last night a line was crossed I killed a innocent women I had no control I can still taste her blood and here her screams. The beast will show no mercy when released I have to gain control.Today I had a break through my meditation gave me more control and I transformed in daylight it was good for me but bad for my captures maybe they should have made better career choices.  Today I was on my way home from the research lab running test on myself. Trying to see better the beast and make it more of an effective killer. So I cut through an alley I look like a bum who would mess with me right I should have known. A bunch of young guys come out of nowhere and start to follow so I speed up my walking and so did they and I hear one of them say we got one so I start running and I cut through a building cause I fell strange almost like I was transforming and it was dark so they would not see me but they came searching and fear begin to turn into anger and my skin felt like it was on fire and my body started to expand and my anger grew more and more and I could see myself doing it but why  stop they preyed on me because they thought I was weak. I could hear them beg but I was too late. It was four of them I grabbed two of them and feasted on their hearts hey I was hungry one of them got away and the other I just ripped his throat and watched him die and was able to make it home to watch the news. And to my surprise  the guys that tried to get me that I slaughtered were members that did home invasion’s and rapes  so I guess one for the good guys know to track the one that got away. So last night was interesting I was at the gym working out and I began to hear two men talking they both sounded like they were trying to figure out what they were going to do with the body of a girl they killed I guess things got out of hand and she was killed in the process and I there was ok no reason to rip their throats out. until they started joking about how loud she was screaming and that's when I knew they had made the list I just don't get it everywhere I go there are people that need to be wiped from existence and I carry out the punishment. So I tracked down the two bottom feeders and come to find out they are cops so not only will I rid the world of scum but also to monsters the abuse there power as law men. So with me and my beast with in aligned I have learn to enhance the senses I need at that time I made my way to their precinct and requested a civilian ride along to try to get some info on my prey and what do you they were made to take me on a ride along so as we are in the car these guys are real pieces of trash using there scare tactics on what they think is this nerdy weak guy so at the end as I was leaving I had both there smells locked in my nostrils. So at night fall I would go to their homes and wait for my chance to strike  hours later night fall came and I tracked there scents  to the same location not only  was it there scents but the smell of fear also in the air. So I  made my way into the back door  and I could hear them both laughing in the living room that when it was time to take off the restraints I could feel my heart pumping faster I skin started to feel like it was on fire I could feel my body mass increasing  and I could hear them loading their guns yelling  empty threats thinking I was a rival gang  but little did they know those would be there last words  as they ran in the kitchen I jumped forward and as they started to shoot my hands where in both of their stomachs ripping out there insides  I could hear sirens in a distance so it was time to go  but  the message was clear and the dots where finally connecting on the street and in law enforcement  something was out there.

© 2014 James Grizzly Jones

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niffty. seems like your going some where with this. suggestion, write it more as a "dear diary" format. his therapist suggested it for his "anger" issues. then later the therapist finds and reads it and we discover he too has "anger" issues.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on May 1, 2014
Last Updated on August 14, 2014
Tags: horror, suspense