His "Incomplete" Story

His "Incomplete" Story

A Poem by Xicor

They met when they were young, He must have felt something in the heart
I guess it was destined by then, They were never meant to be apart

Slowly They became friends, Still boy was shy although
Feelings in him were increasing, Girl was not getting it though


Then they got separated, and it was hard for the boy to accept
Their schools were changed, They lost the remaining contact


Boy was waiting,  For some miracle to happen

He just wanted his childhood love to get return


God heard his plead, His prayers were heard too well

They met after almost 4 years,  Like some sweet ending novel


Now he thought that its time, Time to express his feelings

Feelings that were hidden since last 7 years, Dying to get out in the opening


He was collecting his courage, Every bit of it that he was holding

To tell her what he wants to from long time, To tell about the dreams he was crafting


He thought of writing a letter, A letter to be bearer of his love

Praying that everything will be fine, God will be watching from above


So one fine day, When it was raining slowly

He sat down writing, Thinking of the sweet events gladly


He wrote down all that was in his mind,  All things that reminded him of her

Right back from the start, When the things were so much sweeter


Letter was now completed, Only thing left was to deliver

Emotions were overflowing,  But no one knows what was there for him after


He finally sent the letter, His dreams were so serene

Only thing he wanted was to let the girl know, About his feelings yet unseen


He requested the girl in letter, That if her answer is no

Please dont break away with friendship, Let all the hurt be swallow


But something else was on her mind, Left a message for him in the morning

She simply said goodbye, Leaving his love filled heart aching


Boy was shattered, His love was torn apart

Only thing now left were memories of him and her in his broken heart


But I know that his love is damm true, Too much for her to forgot

His love will surely bring back her, No matter what

© 2011 Xicor

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So sad, yet so heartwarming. I can certainly relate, for i've had a love like this once. Great work:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Beautiful, I love the way you ended it with a nice cliff hanger but giving us a hint that is going to work out :]

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Awwwwwwwwwwww! That sucks, poor boy awww! Well, its true and real happening which makes this really relatable to other people. This was a great poem I absolutley loved it. Made me sad, but it was like can't stop reading, just a few mistakes:
"He just wanted his childhood love to get return" it should be "He just wanted his childhood love to return"
"To tell her what he want(ed) to (for a) long time, To tell about the dreams he was crafting"
Other then that the poem was great what a sad ending not everyone has a happily ever after these days. :P

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like the optimism of the last stanza..."faint heart never won fair lady", after all! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

i love the 3th stanza,
its a quiet wonderful piece
nice work

Posted 6 Years Ago

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God heard his plead, His prayers were heard too well
They met after almost 4 years, Like some sweet ending novel

I really loved these lines, somehow they touched me,
This is quite wonderful, love it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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