It's ME

It's ME

A Poem by Xicor

It's my life

In my own words I guess

Some things I wanna say

Some things that I wanna confess

That words that won't come out unless


People come, People go

Considered me just another fellow

Who is damm too shy to even say a hello

To some extent they are right although

But that’s just half of the truth to swallow


No one ever really tried to find

Reason behind this strange behavior of mine

Why too quiet and why so kind

Am I really like this or there is some one behind

God knows but am not in mood to tell ya that story so fine


People ask why you write only about love

It seems that you get that less or too enough

You never express in front that much

You never told us about anything such

What’s the reason for writing only that kind of stuff?


My nature is to express through writings I share

I try each possible way show love for those who I care

Some people understand but some only stare

Rest things are part of my imagination sphere

But there are things that still I haven't dare


Nowadays I have learned the style

To hide behind a damm big fake smile

Hide the pain that’s lying inside

Hide the pain that’s screaming to come outside

No count of the times I have been misguide


I can go on and on trying to explain these things

But you must be tired of listening

Its enough of this hurting

The stories of heart aching

Aching that no one is seeing

© 2011 Xicor

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You wrote it all, all about yourself every bit of it.
There are two types of writers in this world one, by choice.
second, by chance....
By choice are those who ever want to make writting their proffesion and they hunt for the topics the entire day long. It never matters to them how handle the situation what emtions to put in and the structure of write they are random poets i am not saying they don`t follow the rit emotions but they lack in the intensity of the emotions.

By chance, are those who start writting their innerselves. Every little thing they face, experience, learn and teach everything. The biggest thing in them is they are transparent that is their innerselves and outer nature are both the same.
I would like to say you are a writter by chance, we usually preffer to write for love yes we do...because we have experienced love, felt love, learned to love and now teaching to love.
You are a great human being...
They say....people with short toungue have long lasting ink....
altough it`s written by me but, suits you the best you are a kind of person who dosen`t have to speak much but given a pen wouldn`t let others speak..

Stay blessed

Posted 6 Years Ago

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*sighs* yes, sadly we are all misunderstood creatures in our own ways having no one have any idea what we know, what we know even people we have grown up with our whole life. Fortunately we're able to speak through writing having words being read rather then spoken so they hear themselves saying the words of what you feel. Yeah I've been there great poem another one that speaks for alot of us writers. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Sometimes it helps to show others that other, hidden side of you...well, at least it helps to bring the questions out into the open. Then, if anyone cares to, he/she can more readily look for answers. And part of what it means to be a friend is that discovery that must happen, that looking for answers to what makes the other tick.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I realllly like this one. All the questions to the reader and how you show how you really are and ask yourself if it's right. The concept on this poem is amazing, there isn't many mistakes. Only a few. Like "misguide" really should be misguided.
My favorite stanza is the 3rd one since I can completely relate to it (:


Posted 6 Years Ago

Love it the analysis, and that deep side to the poem :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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~The Silent Talker~ I am always a mess. I can never keep my own secrets. I laugh too hard at stupid things. I live in the past, in the memories. I have with the people I love. I am heartsick .. more..


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