The Storm

The Storm

A Poem by XMorris91

Coming to terms that there are things in life that I cannot change, but that doesn't mean i'm willing to give up hope. Life is almost like a roller coaster ride and I strive to overcome any barrier


How can I expect myself to remedy the poison that flows though the veins of my people, but deluge my essence with its influences?

Pardon me for being ambiguous; but I want my words to be contiguous.

Seems like everything that I do goes against the grain,

But how am I supposed to know the truth when my life has been flooded by the rain.

The pain, and frustration runs deep,

Sleeping is meaningless if all my heart tells me to do is weep.

All I want to do is discover the truth,

So that I may make a future possible for tomorrow’s youth.

It can be difficult being the voice of reason in a room full of vultures,

Only wanting me to fail and fall prey to the torture.

However, no matter how much I’m under the pressure,

I’m going to continue to hold near and dear to what I treasure.


I know that every tunnel has an end and a light,

And I hope my feelings is engraved in your heart as I write.

There are so many emotions that I contain that I can’t describe them all in words,

One day those emotions will be uncaged and take flight like birds.

My words hold life like the seeds in the palm of my hand,

My love for you in unconditional and I hope you know where I stand.

Lord I know that in many ways I have been wrong,

I own up to them and here I stand like a tree…firm and strong.

So, here I am on my knees giving praise in the eye of this storm,

The iniquity of this world run deep, but your hands on my heart remain warm.

I have come to terms with my purpose on this very day,

I will not allow any obstacle to hinder my path now that I know the way.

© 2015 XMorris91

Author's Note

What do you think? We all experience life differently. Pain is pain, but our solutions is what makes us different.

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Indeed, life throws us a lot of "stuff" and how we deal with it all determines the sort of character we are. Those who overcome adversity become stronger. The priority is living life without hurting others. Your spirituality comes through powerfully in this write. I hope you will continue writing. Lydi**

Posted 3 Years Ago

I love this poem Xavier! :) Your poem is well written, plus you give us so many words of wisdom. Your poem is very uplifting, and encouraging. Your readers can feel that you are strong in the face of adversity. I would guess that you have used adversity to build your strength. Your poem gives hope, and I hope you write more poems where you share your wisdom.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on February 21, 2015
Last Updated on February 21, 2015
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Beaufort, SC

Hello everyone. My name is Xavier Morris and I am a new writer who spent majority of my time gathering ideas through my everyday life and research and compiled enough ideas to finally put my ideas int.. more..

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A Poem by XMorris91