Cold World

Cold World

A Poem by XMorris91

When we as human beings are unable to no longer communicate with each other and animosity is ever present among strangers.

As the year creeps closer to the month of December there is a chill in the air.
That chill isn't from the seasons changing from fall to winter.
That chill I'm receiving is from the people around me.
Hard cold eyes all in my sight.
Their hatred potent turning the light to night
Each individual more untrusting than the last.
How did we reach this point of suffering so fast?

Where did this disconnect come from?
Where we look at each other as distant strangers
This crab in the barrel mentality
Emotionally and mentally trapped systematically

Why is the world so cold?
Where blood can stain the soil where the flowers grow.
Why is the world so cold?
Where people go hungry, and no one helps, they just watch it happen and keep it to themselves.

“Get a job! Get a job you bum!” They shout.
No helping hand in sight as humans forgotten wandering about
Hard times do not discriminate for no man.
Who am I to judge my fellow man and turn my nose up to them.
And ignore the trouble all around me
Even watch innocent people die
And fade from existence from a lie.

Why can't we be more selfless than selfish?
Why can't we understand others pain.
Why must we only care when the struggle knocks on our door?
Where was that understanding for the voiceless and poor?
Then I sit back and realize…
People are so hypocritical
Two Faced like a coin.
Life is such a dangerous game.
That we play to win
And everyday the human race continue to sin
Continue to embrace their ignorance with a grin

It's a cold world out there,and could only get colder
Tired of seeing the decay as I grow older
Why can't we resolve our pain and warm others hearts
So we can see the differences in each other and no longer tear each other apart.

© 2017 XMorris91

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Very well written! The disconnect, the isolation, the distance, and walls some create can only make this world grow colder. A smile, an open hand of friendship extended can warm the heart and soul and costs us nothing, but what we would reap in return is immeasurable.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017
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Beaufort, SC

Hello everyone. My name is Xavier Morris and I am a new writer who spent majority of my time gathering ideas through my everyday life and research and compiled enough ideas to finally put my ideas int.. more..

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