My Ardent Intentions

My Ardent Intentions

A Story by Anastasia Purvis

Lover, Keeper of my Heart, Bearer of all I hold dear…

Words, words, words. How can I express all these emotions, this passion which burns like an Eternal flame, all-consuming and ravishing? No. No words could ever relay the depth of all that I feel for you.
No rose could ever compare to the beauty of this Love. No song bird could ever sing a song so sweetly. All else will forever pale in comparison of you, my One true Love.
I’m taken away with the morning sun, the gentle breeze blowing through my long hair, and the sweetened dreams of you still lingering in my heightened mind. The sensation of our flesh in my sequestered reverie, heat upon heat and in enlightened fashion, the fornication of our lips and souls entwined.
To awaken early with blossoms smile upon my face, and fiery balloons within my chest. Surely, I don’t deserve this ember’s gift, but I cannot let it go.
Feel and hear my heart beat against your chest, and know these words are true.
I am devoted, forevermore, to this amorous cause and to the owner of my heart.
Never fear. The precious gift you have given me, I will protect under lock and key. No one, save the hounds of Hell will ever tear it from my grasp.
I am yours…
And Soul.

Until we meet again on the celestial plane,

Your dearest,

© 2017 Anastasia Purvis

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Added on March 4, 2017
Last Updated on March 13, 2017
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Anastasia Purvis
Anastasia Purvis

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