After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Nine

After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Nine

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A hell of a day I’m having !


            A screeching howl echoed into the dawning night.


            “I had to ask!” Gregory forced himself to stand up clutching his rifle and he looked on down the hillside, listening. Moments later, another howl stretched across the valley. “A hell of a day I’m having, thanks to you. Keep calling, you son of a b***h! You just keep calling, so old Gregory will know where you are.” smirking, he began to feed the chamber to his Winchester .300 mag.


             Gregory threw his saddle bag over his shoulder and began descending out into the valley; he was worn-out, yet eager to fight once more. His blood ran hot, pumping adrenaline through his veins. He listened for it again when he reached the valley floor. And as he expected, the beast howled once more and it excited him. The call came from the west side of the forest and so, Gregory hiked into the woods, mist began to ascend around him, and slowly he vanished.


© 2012 lawrence bear

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Oh you and your cliff hangers lol.. Now in my dreams I'll probably be thinking of following him in, hanging on his jacket and crouching like a big chicken lol.. xx I guess you don't want me to sleep??? Love it..xo

Posted 6 Years Ago

lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

ok I owe you a foot rub, but you will enjoy the next installment shortly and maybe I will be off the.. read more
Lily Mae

6 Years Ago

hurry .. I've had 3 hours sleep in two days.. lol
lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

in ten- fifteen minutes. :)

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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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