After Dark - Chapter Forty-One

After Dark - Chapter Forty-One

A Chapter by lawrence bear

God help me, for I face… face the devil himself.


            Through the dark forest, Gregory darted blindly through the mist. His heart throbbed and he was tired, he stopped to rest. He slouched over with his head down and as beads of sweat rolled off the tip of his nose, a wail of horses struck his ear drums. He turned listening as the cry from the horses bounced all around him, then the beasts shrieked cascaded an unnerving feeling through his body. He felt he was not ready for this sort of thing. What am I thinking? He thought. This thing is no bear, or no ordinary animal I have come across. It’s impossible, God help me, for I face… face the devil himself. He felt empty.


A gun shot echoed, snapping him out of his void. Seconds later another bang ricochet, the beast roared and he heard a dreadful scream. He hurried to help, another retort bounced off the trees. He wasn’t sure which direction it was coming from, his heart raced, he desperately wanted to help. “I’m coming.” He had said out of breath, as he ran pushing brush aside. “I’m coming.” The pleas burned his ears, his thoughts, and his soul.

He ran as quick as he could, and hoped he wasn’t too late. The silence alone tore at him, No, No! Please God, please… out of wind, he kept running. Moments have passed with silence; he began to think he was running nowhere. Then the beast roared. He skidded as he spun on his heels to listen for it. His heart hammered against his chest and pulsed madly on his temple. Again it roared. Sweat flowed down his face, burning his eyes and it left a salty taste on his lips. Where are you d****t!! He muttered as he pulled the lever back to load his gun. The white mist loomed and the forest casted eerily shadowed figures of its own.

He trekked on into the dark. It roared again, he quickly turned to his left and lifted his rifle and aimed, bush chickens flew from their perch. And then the beast rumbled ahead of him, and he took off in full sprint, the mist thickened as he went. His hands gripped onto his rifle, ready to fire. He pictured it on his wall and this gave him more energy to run. A screech from a woman came from behind him, he stopped and turned. Her cry echoed in the darkness, and it shattered him. He ran toward her, “Where are you?” he tried to yell back but he was out of breath, he stopped to listen and wiped his mouth with his hand.

“Help!” she cried. He bolted toward her terrifying scream and the beast roared once more. He ran as fast as the wind and their shadows in the mist were visible to him, she screamed again but it was partial, and then he saw black liquid spew from her. “No!” he bellowed. He slung his rifle around his shoulder and pulled out his blade in one motion, and he dived at it propelling his long jagged knife into its body. The monster squealed in pain and flung him aside, he crashed to the forest floor. He jumped to his feet holding his blade, the beast snorted and growled. Their eyes locked, its silver like eyes gleamed, “How does that feel? You ugly son of a b***h!” and he held his knife out balancing himself. It snarled, “I got plenty more where that came from. Come get some.”

A hand rose from the mist, a battered voice followed, “Gregory…”

He recognized it and it sent shivers down his spine, and he beheld in horror. It was Mary-Anne. Tears swelled in his eyes, and he watched her hand drop and his heart ripped in two. The beast growled, and rage filled his entire body, he lifted his knife and leapt toward the beast with a yell. His jagged blade plunged into the beast, the strength he had been that of ten men. The beast was defenceless as he plunged his knife into its neck, heart and head. And he flung his knife up and down, and blood gushed from its wounds. The beast lay lifeless and then Gregory cut off its head. And when he finally came to realization, about Mary-Anne, he hurried to her and kneeled down beside her. He cradled her in his arms rocking back and forth, “No, no, no, no, Mary, my sweet Mary. Open your eyes love, please open your eyes…” And his throat burned as tears streamed down his face. “No, don’t leave me, Mary… No, Nooo!” Gregory held her close to his heart. He then looked to the heavens, “Why God? Have you no Mercy, have ye’ no mercy? Then damn you, DAMN YOU!”


Gregory kissed her on the forehead and laid her down on the ground, and then stood up looking blankly down onto her. He ran his bloody hands through his hair, and rubbed his forehead with his sleeve. Tears still streamed from his eyes, he turned his head slightly and caught a glimpse of the dead creature. Anger fueled him to run up to it and kick it. He sparked a match to see more clearly, he kneeled beside the body. But the beheaded body that was once the being, was now of a naked man. He was uneasy at the site of this, in the back of his mind, he was unconvinced of Paul’s writing, and he didn’t want to believe what he was becoming; a horrid beast he described in his passages.

“I’ll be damned!” he muttered as the back of his hand covered his mouth.


Slowly he rose, closing his eyes his head tilted toward the sky. Fear consumed him, and tingles ran through his body, knowing he had to look at the face of the devil. He did not want to see Paul’s face, his heart quickened as he searched for the head. And it drummed on his chest wall when he found it. His hand trembled as he reached for it, and his head pounded.

“What the, you’re not… Paul.” he cocked his head to one side. “But then… who the devil are you?”


A wolf howled in the distance, and in a flash he had his rifle ready, but its call was no threat to him. Gregory listened to it and then went to Mary-Anne; his gun slipped from his grip and hit the ground. Tears streamed down his face as he held her in his arms, he sobbed and then the forest echoed with wolves howling.


© 2012 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear

Please, do tell your thoughts on this one :)

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I think some of the changes added depth..and yet.. still fantastic. You know, I hate to offend other's but you are the only one I read for stories. You have all that I love in play with your work.. When it tingles your skin you know it's good :) xo

Posted 5 Years Ago

lawrence bear

5 Years Ago

:) thank you
If it's not Paul then who??? Another exciting and gripping chapter to an excellent book..xo

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 6 Years Ago

lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

Didn't I say it was a killer. :) glad u like it
lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

Oh and thanks. :D
Lily Mae

6 Years Ago

Yes... and it is.. your energy and amazing story lines keep me wanting more. xo

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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