After Dark - Chapter Forty-Two

After Dark - Chapter Forty-Two

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Julie's Diary


            Last night I heard many wolves howling, not that we don’t hear any at all. I stood on the step outside listening, I was intrigued by them. Nonetheless these ones were different; it had an eerie sound to them. As beautiful as they are, they do have an effect on the townsfolk since the night one lone wolf paid an unlikely visit. Although Paul had said, ‘it was no wolf,’ I was not convinced of his words, it sounded like one, it acted like one and I could believe why he would say such a thing, until now. I don’t want to think that I am going mad, but these last few days, a lot has happened since that thing came along. And Paul, well, he has been acting strange lately. I must say we have become distant since that night, I see that it has affected him, changed him in some way.

It scared me at times when he comes and goes, it is not like him. Ever since the animal attacked him, he has not been the same. I asked him once, where he was going, and he said, ‘out for a hunt,’ as he put it. I had never questioned his actions before, however I could not rest after what I had witnessed a few nights before. But last night when he came home, it was different. I had pretended to be sound asleep when he came into the room, it was dark but the moon had shone in so it had given some light. I turned slightly when he climbed into to bed and had put one arm around me, then I heard him sniffing me, and it gave me goose bumps.

For a moment it startled me and I grabbed his hand as he rubbed my breast, I was terrified that it was not him, this arm was far more hairy than his. I was about to scream until he caressed my face and put one finger on my lips to shush me only the way Paul would. He stroked my hair and Playing with it and then he lightly touched my chin. Only Paul ever touched me so gentle and only he knows how to arouse me as he kissed and rubbed n*****s, and I must admit, it has been some time since we had shared intimacy. As he continued on and undressed me, my body ran hot, my heart quickened and I had never wanted him so bad. I had taken a handful of his area, he moaned and lightly bit on my neck which was stimulating, his hot breathe nearly released me; it was then we had intercourse. The moment was hot, my blood boiled with excitement, I didn’t want it to end, I wanted the night… but this is not what I wanted to share with you, forgive me for telling so much details, I do tend to get carried away. It would be soon after that something had happened, something abnormal, a particular piece that is hard for one to understand.

During our intimate encounter, he, how can I say this? But he changed. I know it sounds odd, but I felt him change. It was a heated moment and more and more we were intimate, he became somewhat an animal in bed, and he continued with me. I don’t know what has become of me, but I was not frightened by this, but somewhat yearned for him, and I let him finish with me. Then he left again into the night, and as I lay there naked, I was stimulated by what had happened. Had I been dreaming? It could only be a dream that stuff like this materializes in, a dream I did not want to awake from. I know it sounds absurd, but one thing is certain. I… quite enjoyed it.

© 2012 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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Well I was into the story as usual and then quite captivated by his new endeavors in the bedroom.. I must say...this had Lily quite well.. wanting a beast of her own lol..xo Excellent chapter..xo

Posted 6 Years Ago

lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

thank you lily, glad you enjoyed it :)

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After Dark


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