After Dark - Chapter Forty-Four

After Dark - Chapter Forty-Four

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A terrible awakening


Gregory sat upright gasping for air; his head snapped back and forth quickly, searching for what might be lurking about. He swallowed hard realizing it was all a dream, a nightmare after falling asleep too quickly. His shoulders loosened from their tension. The night was filled with crickets. And his brow was clammy with cold sweat as he wiped it and then rubbed the back of his neck letting out a sigh of relief. He added another handful of sticks into the fire before leaning up against his dead horse, and then he struck a match to light his cigarette.

His head tilted and gazed up at the stars exhaling smoke as he thought of his dream. Cripes, I’ve gone mad chasing the devil. He mumbled to himself and then chuckled. The only beast in front of him was the Grizzly he took down hours ago. What a prize it would be but his horse had sacrificed itself in order to save its master. With that in thought he took out his flask and spilled out some and said. “For you Betsy, finest horse there was.” And then he raised it to the moon and took a shot.


Then a ghastly shriek came from the valley that made him choke and spit out his whiskey. Gregory spun and jumped to his feet, his rifle in hand. His pulse quickened, it was silent as he stood wondering if he heard correctly or if he was having another dream. The fire snapped and popped. A retort of a gun echoed.


His grip slackened and his rifle fell as did his heart,

“Mary-Anne.” He murmured.

© 2012 lawrence bear

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You are the king of cliff hangers you know... god you drive me nuts lol..x

Posted 5 Years Ago

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After Dark


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