Remember me

Remember me

A Story by lawrence bear

Sweet Dreams


Hello kiddies,

You miss me?


 You don’t remember me?

I know,

It has been a while.

 But today is your lucky day!

I’ve come to collect,

What is mine!


Let’s just say

I forgot.


You still don’t remember?

My… my

What a foolish child you are.



How scared you were?

You’d shut off the light

And leap into bed.


How petrified

 You were,

Staring at your closet.

You remember now?

You do,

Don’t you?


You remember me.

I can feel,

Your heart racing.

Those images

They’re flooding back.


A tiny voice whispers,

Behind you.

But don’t look now,

I’m behind you.



Be afraid…

I fuel on your fear.

You feel me around you,

Don’t you?

In the shadows,

I am hidden.

But not for long,

I’m here

To collect.



When you were little,

You heard

The door creak open.

And you saw my long black fingers,

Slink around the door.

Oh yes,

I feel your fear.


Remember how

You covered your head in terror.

And you heard my raspy breathing,



And yet,

I was already,

Under your bed.


Those tingles

you feel right now,

And how,

Your hair stands on end?

It’s my long fingers,

Sliding around your neck.



Your heart is drumming,

I like it,

You’re scared now

Aren’t you?


It is me.

The one you fear most,

I love how your

Body shivers.


You do remember me,

Don’t you?

Now you can’t

Go to sleep.

How could you?

When you hear

That tiny voice whisper,


I am

The Boogieman!

I’ve come to collect


body and soul.

© 2012 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Nighty Night, sleep tight buhahahaha

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So you're the one; the creepy thing under the bed, in the closet and just around the corner. Great job scaring me and all the other little children (even those who won't admit it).

You went to Viet Nam too didn't you. I knew it was you but didn't want to admit it. I was an adult. But there you were; fueled by my fear of the unknown.

I like your style and delivery technique.

Great job. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Have you thought of joining the good guys? Nay, it's not in your nature.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
I so love this..and am honored that I was a part of your thought process.. and some girls need roses lmao.. It reminded me of a creepy story my sister use to read to me before bed.. but mostly around Halloween.. to this day it's my favorite.. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

:D glad you loved it.

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lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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