Superman / Apocalypse ( Part One )

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part One )

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- The Daily Planet -


- It’s another busy at the office; telephones rang in the background and the office is booming with clatter. The elevators ‘ding’ and as the doors open, a women in a blue knit skirt that hung above her knees stepped out, wearing tights along with a stripped top covered by a blazer. She held a coffee in one hand and she flips her shoulder length hair to one side as she stops to pull out her cell as it rang from inside her purse. “Hey Judy, what can I do for you? What do you mean how’d I know it was you? I’m Lois Lane it’s my job to know, ha-ha. Its caller ID Judy, no, caller ID… Judy, Judy, oh forget it. I’ll call you back; I’m going into a meeting. Bye Judy.” Closes cell, “Why am I friends with her?” mumbles to self. -


- From the other side of the office, a man steps out from the Chief Editor’s office, Perry White. With broad shoulders and well groomed, Clark pushed up his glasses as he noticed Lois coming his way; he immediately straightens his tie and smiles and lifts his hand to wave. -


“Good morning Lois.”


“Hang on to this for me will you Clark!” and hands him her coffee and answers her cell again as it goes off. “Hello, this is Lois Lane.” And then enters Perry’s office.


Clark follows behind and is hit by the door when Lois attempts to close it splashing the coffee all over his hands, “Ouch, hot, hot, that’s hot.” Clark stumbles to keep her cup from spilling anymore.


Lois calmly looks at him and says, “Clark.”


“Yes Lois.” Clark responds, again he pushed his glasses up with his index finger.


“You’re dripping coffee all over my new heels.”


“I’m sorry Lois; I was trying not to drop…”


“Clark.” Lois closes her cell in her hand.




“You mind waiting out here; I have a deadline with Perry.”


“Uh yeah sure, I don’t…” is as far as he gets when Lois shuts the door in his face. “… Mind at all.”


“Nice strike out Kent.” Jimmy says laughing catching sight of the whole scene. “Maybe if you had Superman’s looks, you’d at least make it to the plate.”


“Jimmy.” Clark sets Lois’s coffee down on a desk and straightens his tie once more. “Shouldn’t you get someone their coffee?”


- Breaking news coverage is on all monitors in the office and all heads look up. Lois and Perry come out to see what the commotion is about after co-workers rushes in telling them to watch the news. -


“This is Lance Hedburg reporting live from the Daily Planet news helicopter, as you can see; Metropolis is under attack by an unknown creature. This colossal being is demolishing everything in sight, injuring innocent bystanders in its wake… wait a moment, I am getting word several people are reported to have been killed by a gas line rupture, which exploded as this thing makes its way into downtown. As we now capture the fight, it seems the Justice League is no match for this beast as they desperately battle with honor and heroism.  But they need the man of steel. If you’re watching, save us Superman. The people of Metropolis are pleading for your return. The Justice league needs you! The world needs you Superman! Oh my God! People of Metropolis, I can’t believe what we are witnessing. Wonder Women appears to be annihilated by this giant; she been trying to help her fellow teammate, Green Lantern before this monster caught her by surprise with a bus that struck her and exploded. Oh the monstrosity! Where are you Superman? Superman! It’s like world war three down here. Oh look, there’s Green Lantern now, he’s going toe to toe, are you getting this Lanny? Green Lantern knocked it over with that blow. Wait a minute its getting back up, oh no! Nothing seems to be stopping it. This monster has Green Lantern in its grip now. Holy mackerel, did you see that? Batman just hit it with a missile and it didn’t budge. What footage, what anarchy. I’m going to win an award for this… Look how he throws Green lantern aside… Oh my God! He’s coming right at us! Fly Gerry fly! Gerry, get us out of…”


- The station goes to static -


The room fell silent and all were in shock at what they had witnessed.


“They were only dreams. I have to be still dreaming,” Clark shook his head as he thought out loud. “It can’t be him. It can’t.”


“What!” Jimmy turned and studied Clark. “What are you talking about Clark? Who can’t it be?”


- The room filled with chatter and panic as everyone scrambled to cover the story while some had called home and then telephones began to ring. In the midst of chaos, Clark has a moment to collect his thoughts. -


“The one from my dreams.” Clark finishes under his breath.

© 2014 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
revised, hope you liked it :)

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As I am a fan of Dc Comics and Superman. I needed to read this and loved it XD

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is a good chapter but not as descriptive as the last one. I would maybe flesh it out a bit; add some more details about characters and surroundings. I like how you tied the creature from his dream into reality, though. It raises questions and makes for a good plot twist. Adding to what I said about the description, we all know these characters but treat them like your own (that’s how people who novelize movies do it). What I mean is, describe them, who they are, and where they’re from. It adds to the interest of the reader.


“office; Telephones” ‘Telephones’ doesn't need to be capitalized. You don’t capitalize the next word after a semicolon.

Posted 3 Years Ago

lawrence bear

3 Years Ago

Thank you for your review I will go over it and rewrite once this story is complete. Agsin thanks f.. read more
Meat of Dog

3 Years Ago

You're quite welcome!
lawrence bear

3 Years Ago

I look forward to your reviews on my novella I am working on. Your critique is helpful.
I noticed this was written awhile back, but a review is never too late :P I am a huge fan of DC Comics, particularly Batman. So hopefully my review will benefit you in some way.

For starters, in the beginning when Clark spills the coffee on himself, I think it would be more correct if he didn't even notice it had spilled on him - because, well, he's Superman :P

I think you did an awesome job in portraying the characters, staying true to who they are in the comic books. I thought the news reporter was funny :P (though if you meant for this scene to serious, his humor could be a distraction). If this chapter could benefit from anything, I'd say a slower pace because it feels a bit rushed. You're awesome with developing characters though. Nice work. Reading on...

Posted 4 Years Ago

A very good opening chapter. I like the detail and how they interacted in the chapter. You have my attention. I will keep reading.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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lawrence bear
lawrence bear

Fisher River, Northern Manitoba, Canada

Thank you for visiting my place of work, I hope you enjoy what you read. I do try my best to entertain. My imagination runs wild at times, but I love the freedom. more..


A Story by lawrence bear

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