Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Two )

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Two )

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- Clark looked toward Lois who was still by Perry’s door. “Lois,” he had said but her eyes were fixed on the static station and she was in a state of shock. She had not heard him; Clark had only taken one step before Perry offered his hand on her shoulder for some comfort. -


“Where is Superman when you need him?” she blurted. “Why isn’t he here? Doesn’t he care?” she turned and sobbed on Perry’s shoulder. “Why?”


- Perry was hesitant and finally gave her a consoling hug. Clark bothered by her words, held his breath and chewed on his lips and before she could spot him gaping, he turned and left the room. Clark entered the men’s washroom while loosening his tie as if it were strangling him. His hands rested on the sink counter with his head buried down and with his eyes closed. All he could hear with his super hearing were those screams from the people that were dying, from those that were suffering, and the cries on the battleground from his superhero friends. But the words that stung him most were words from Lois, “Where is Superman? Doesn’t he care?” -


- With his head tilted up looking toward the ceiling, tears rolled down his face. Memories from his reoccurring nightmares and past events nearly knock him over. They were dreams he had had when he was a teenager, and they were dark and horrifying. It was of an unstoppable force destroying earth. It was a monster charging toward him, coming after him. It charged ripping up earth’s floor as it came. The ground shook and everything in its path was annihilated. And when it was about to grab for him, he’d wake up gasping for air. The nightmares would not stop, and they were getting worse, repeating night after night; they were getting darker and darker of earth’s impending doom. And the monster was getting closer and closer and then it spoke, “Kal-El!” in a loud penetrating voice grasping him around his neck, “Son of Jor-El, it is time to meet your fate and depart this life!”

Clark would awake screaming in terror shivering in cold sweats. The horrible beast had seized him in his dreams. Clark tried to forget the monster, he tried to forget those dreams but they would not go away. This unstoppable force was coming to destroy earth and coming for him, the repeating nightmare was driving him mad. Eventually as he had gotten older, he soon forgotten about his dreams as time went by and by. Until three months ago, they’d return once again, the images came back with a vengeance. His nightmares would increase soon after, of his father’s death. It would be in Metropolis where Jonathan Kent had suffered a heart attack, while visiting Clark on a surprise visit at his office. Clark was put in a situation where he had to stay as Clark Kent, he couldn’t be Superman; he could not leave his father’s side.  It was painful for him to do nothing while paramedics took over. And for the first time, he had felt hopeless. -


- While Jonathan lay dying on route to the hospital, Clark breaks down and tells him of his nightmares. He had never mentioned to anyone of his dreams, nor when he was younger, as he was too frightened to tell it. And even now as a grown man, he was afraid to speak of it, how an unstoppable creature was coming for him. Holding onto his father’s hand gently and cupping it with the other, his broad shoulders shook as he began to cry. He sobbed and pleaded for his father to fight, and how he needed him, and then as he continued to speak of his nightmares. -


“Clark…” Jonathan’s words squeezed out and tears ran down the sides of his head, he gripped Clark’s hand tightly trying desperately to talk but then his grip released, and Jonathan Kent had passed on.


“Father…” Clark beheld in disbelief. “No… no.” Clark shook his head as tears streamed down his face and then he buried his face on Jonathan’s chest bawling. “Father!” he cried. “Father!”


- Clark stood alongside his mother Martha at the funeral; He held onto her as they lay roses on the casket. When all paid their last respects and departed, Clark remained behind. His fingers ran along the casket gently, “I’m sorry father… ” he sobbed and then laid a red satin like material on the casket. It was neatly folded and he stood and watched as the casket was being lowered into the ground. -


“Clark.” His mother had called, approaching him her much aged hand rested on his back. After noticing what he had placed on the casket, her emerald eyes gazed into his, “Clark… wha…?”


“I can’t!” he looked away and shook his head. And he removed his glasses and paused, slowly he turned to her, “I can’t do this anymore mother! I can’t bare it…” he sobbed.


“Clark.” Martha said in a soft voice, removing what he had placed on the casket. She held it in her hands briefly before she turned to him and put one hand to his face caressing it. Her face, lined with wrinkles, gave him a tender smile, “People die all the time my boy; that’s just the way life is. You can’t save everyone and everything. All things eventually die Clark. It’s the cycle of life.”


-After a moment reflecting back, he wiped his running nose with the back of his hand, and then he looked at himself in the mirror. “If I couldn’t save my own father from death, what makes them think I can save theirs? I have failed… my father.” And those visions of his impending fate hit him in waves and those words his mother spoke circle his head, “All things eventually die Clark…” the cries of the people bring tears to his eyes as he squeezes them shut trying to block them out. “What good are you if you fear this thing?” Clark said as he looked at himself in the mirror. Tears streaming down his face, “You call yourself the man of steel, yet you stand by watching and listening to them die. You are a disgrace to mankind; you are a disgrace to KRYTONIONS!” he roared and punched the mirror and the building shook as the walls caved in. Looking at his hands, “What have I done…” he sobbed, and with his great speed, he vanished from the Daily Planet through the wall he crumbled.

The city is in chaos as car alarms sound followed by small explosions, people are screaming. A battle rages, and the world is watching as it unfolds on television networks. The beast lets out a ghastly roar, and then we see Metropolis from above in destruction and soon we see earth from space. We set on the moon behind a caped figure. His head facing downward, cries for help are audible. Slowly he lifts his head gazing on earth as it looks like a half marble. -


“I have failed my father, the people of earth. I have failed my purpose. For that, I can no longer be… Superman.”

© 2014 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
I hope you enjoyed this chapter

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This chapter was great. Seeing Superman deal with his inner thoughts as Clark Kent. Great write

Posted 1 Year Ago

This chapter had depth to the story. Clark dealing with his own inner emotions, which is his one true vulnerability (besides Kryptonite, of course), adds a layer of depth and understanding to his character. Still have me interested, so reading on...

Posted 4 Years Ago

I like the internal thoughts of Superman. Conflict in thoughts leading him to wrong places. I like using the dreams. Gave the story a reason and purpose. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 5 Years Ago

A graphic novel without the artwork! - I've never encountered one before. An interesting idea - although I don't know what the folks at DC will make of it. I was always more of a marvel man myself (with the exception of The Batman). You got me thinking about writing a Silver Surfer or Mighty Thor story - I'm sure Stan Lee would be pleased! Anyway, a monster from Superman's unconscious - great idea, keep up the good work, Wez

Posted 5 Years Ago

lawrence bear

5 Years Ago

I am glad you like what you've read so far, I hope you continue to read. My brain is cluttered with .. read more

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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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