Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Three )

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Three )

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- In the beginning in a time before humanoid Kryptonians had ruled the Planet Krypton. Several of thousands of years ago, there had lived an alien scientist named, Bertron. It is he whom had experimented on many different forms of species. One of these species was that of a human infant, which was born in the laboratory through genetic insert of molecules. This baby was created by Bertron who had wanted to create a perfect living being. During this time, the exterior of the planet was harsh, violent and unfit for a human being. Unpremeditated, Bertron placed the infant child onto the surface where it was killed by the cruel environment. Whereas the baby’s remains were later collected and were cloned into making a stronger perfect being. This procedure was done many times over and the child faced an infinite number of deaths. 


The child’s features changed over time producing it into an enormous creature that was not recognized as a human being. Whereas the multitude of these deaths it had, they were recorded in its genes. In time, it adapted to these deaths never facing the same demise twofold. Through these conditions it had gained the capability to increase its power on solar energy, surviving without food or water. Thus began its rampage beginning on Krypton, it sought after and eradicated all living creatures and predators including its creator, Bertron, Whom he had recognized, having seen his face throughout these mindless acts of death. In turn the creature then destroyed the laboratory and killing all its inhabitants, tearing Bertron apart in the course of action. 


Soon thereafter, a ship carrying supplies for Bertron had landed where the creature then escaped its imprisonment from Krypton. And from there it had gone from one planet to the next, wiping out all possible life forms, and it would jump on the escaping ship killing its occupants, causing the vessel to crash land on another planet where the same scenario would take place.

While onboard another escaping vessel in sector 2813, a distress signal was transmitted before the creature butchered all crewmembers. 



A Green Lantern named, Zharan Pel had picked up on the distress call and headed toward a small planet where he had followed the signal. There he came face to face with his imminent destiny. Zharan battled with the colossal being but eventually weakened, the creature over powered and then killed him. By removing Zharan’s ring, and putting it on its own finger, it triggered a call to, The Guardians (Green Lantern Corp). The image of the creature displayed onscreen and the creature saw them as well in a hologram from the ring. It roared and swiped at the holograms with its enormous fist destroying the images. The creature then used the ring to find its new enemies and then proceeded toward the planet Oa. The Guardians had seen what they were up against; sensing they were in grave danger, they sent forth an army of Green Lanterns to intersect it from coming to Oa.


There was a great battle in the blackness of space, the army of Green Lanterns attacked in waves, causing Gamma and Solar flares to erupt in flashes of light that could be seen from planet Oa. Thousands of Green Lanterns were decimated as they gave their life trying to stop the beast. Hundreds more were injured and the creature was relentless. Upon arriving to Oa, one last Green Lantern stood in its path of destruction. The Green Lantern fought with courage, and sensing his defeat, in one last effort to save his planet. The Green Lantern had sacrificed himself by releasing his entire energy source and the explosion was so great, it seemingly killed the creature. As well it had ripped a hole in space, hurling the massive being deep into another galaxy through a wormhole, light years away. Unknown to them if the colossal creature had died or of its whereabouts, The Guardians then sent forth many Green Lanterns off to other worldly planets as messengers, to warn those of a possible coming of an apocalyptical end… Doomsday. "


- Earth, 13,000 B.C


245,000 miles from the moon, a massive meteor appears through a wormhole and is headed toward earth. When the massive meteor hit the atmosphere at an angle, it superheated the environment igniting all plant objects and also melted the rocks below its path. The Meteor then struck the planet so hard; within a few seconds, all atmospheric oxygen was consumed and carbon atoms were condensed into nano-diamond crystals. Plunging deep into the earth’s bedrock, the initial blast sent particles and debris into space and it then rained fireballs, scorching the earth of its vegetation and large mammals such as mammoths had starved and the human race also decreased due to the climate change. The shock to the earth’s environment was enough to drop worldwide temperatures, propelling the planet into the ice age for the next thousand years. -

- Earth,

Somewhere near outside of Metropolis,


‘BOOM’ the earth vibrated, ‘BOOM’ and more tremors followed, ‘BOOM’ the earth came alive and shook longer. Birds flew from their perch. The ground trembled and set off a dozen car alarms, business stores glass shattered and triggered its alarms. ‘BOOM’ a giant fist then came through to the surface from beneath the earth. The ground shuddered as some buildings sidings toppled from the creature mounting to the surface. Nearby witnesses emerged from their vehicles and place of businesses stunned and confused, watching the massive monster that then roared as it noticed one man who then tried to flee, but his car was swooped up and then smashed into the ground exploding into pieces.

People screamed in terror fleeing for their lives. The creature then swiped at people killing them instantly, rampaging as it went and crushing them as they ran. It picked up a nearby bus and tossed into a building exploding. People were scrambling and cars avoided fleeing pedestrians and crashed into each other. Nearby Police witnessed the assault from the raging beast, and opened fire in the attempt to stop it. Other officers radioed in for help.


The beast let out a roar… It was complete pandemonium. -

© 2014 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
I hope you enjoyed this chapter

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A interesting chapter. Like how you done Doomsday history straight from the comics XD

Posted 11 Months Ago

I really enjoyed the origin of Doomsday here. Still, I feel the story is a bit rushed. This chapter did supply the reader with needed information, however, so I commend you on that. Once again...reading on...

Posted 4 Years Ago

A very good set-up for the story. Giving some history and reason for the creature. I like the description in the chapter. A very good chapter.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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