After Dark - Chapter Forty-Six

After Dark - Chapter Forty-Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A painful moment


From side to side he struggled, leaning and repelling off small trees, he gained more and more ground, his feelings began to control him and his visual began to blur, tears streamed down his face and his heart ached as it pulsated quicker. He grew weaker with each step knowing the inevitable.

The wind shrilled through the trees, giving an eerie feeling. He wondered how much further he could go before his body decided to quit on him, his adrenaline was wearing thin and then he fell when one tree branch had snapped from his weight. He struggled to his feet with sweat running down his brow. The pain he was in intensified, he was practically crawling, forcing himself through it. Mary-Anne needed him; he kept thinking that while he fought onward.

A faint squeaking noise diverted him from his emotions; and it grew louder with each step and threw the mist, he had seen a broken carriage wheel turning. He felt his heart drop as he came upon the wreckage of the stagecoach. Fear grew inside him and it had overwhelmed him. He froze momentarily not knowing what to do; he didn’t want to see Mary-Anne. He didn’t want to see what was left of her body and he pleaded within his head not to be her, anyone else… but not her.

As he went forth, he kicked and tripped over something that caused him to fall. While pushing his face out from the mud he leaned on his forearms spitting out dirt, wiping his face he then seen he was face to face with Mary-Anne’s corpse. Her face was bloody and her eyes were wide open in terror. He lurched backwards screaming as the sight startled him. He covered his mouth as he realized it was Mary-Anne and then he broke into tears. Slowly he crawled toward her and he then closed her eyes with his hand, he then rested his head on her bosom and cried. Weakened by the battle to get to her, a fight he now succumbed too.

© 2013 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
Don't you just love it when I do this ?

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Tags: Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Mystery

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear