BL - Two

BL - Two

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Legend of Birch Lake




A long time ago the first early settlers to this region were the Mahihkan (Mah-hee-can) people, clan of the wolf. They were known as warriors, great hunters and trackers. The clan have never given any thought, that this piece of land may have already been occupied when they came across the prairies. They did not know of its kind, its nature, for a long time it remained hidden in the shadows. And then one day, it came and showed its face to some hunters. Scared, they shot at it with their arrows wounding it. Thus began its rage onto people. It was a dark energy in theses woods, an energy that had manifested peril and turmoil to the clan of the wolf.

There was a time when others had roamed the Earth. Things that seemed not from this world, and they bred in the forest along the Birch Lake. They were evil things that inhabited there. The legend prolongs of these evil things, it is believed that the Devil hunted those whom have gone out into the hills at dusk, and it is they that thrive in the night. It is said, many men went forth to track it, but never returned. As did those who went in search of the missing, they too had vanished. And there were some who were fortunate to return from the forest, and they would tell of their findings. That there was no trace of those who went, no tracks, and what they did find was only pieces of ragged clothing and weapons that were left behind. It was like they had disappeared into thin air.

What ever lived in those hills was heard in the night calling, those ghastly screams or howls echoed into the night. They were bone-chilling shrieks that had sounded like an old woman, and its scream hung in the cold dense air.


It was then; a medicine man was called upon and he had gone up with hunters into the Forest of Birch Lake, hunters whom had gone along to protect him. This is where the medicine man had performed a sacrament, to keep these things within the border of the forest lines. He then laid down bones across the path, which had led into the forest. And doing so, these things came forth screaming and howling. The ground shook immensely and the men were ready to shoot at whatever came out; but before they had gone to this place, the medicine man perform a ritual, smudging each man and himself in the process and he gave each man pouches to wear around their necks for protection.

As the medicine man stood up and spread out his arms, casting a spell, and chanting unknown words… he sang in a different tongue, as he spread out the bones with some powder from a pouch. And when these things came forth, they stopped at the edge of the forest line. They seemed to understand his words. They stood growling and the men stood with their firing arms, waiting, where they had seen a multitude of orange and red eyes looking at them from within the darkness, and they would not cross nor come out of the forest.

The medicine man did this, so that the hunters can go out and hunt game in open pastures and come home. But they must wear the pouches given to them in order to be safe from harm. The people had made signs and put them out to warn people from going into the forbidden area. Signs are littered with drawings of the devil. These signs read in faded letters, you barely make out the words. Keep out, sacred ground. And there are horns that rest against or on top of that sign, and as well down along the path towards the forest. And as time went by these signs faded more and more, and the story that was told over and over, soon became a myth, a tale that had soon disappeared and was forgotten.



© 2013 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
are you liking it so far :)

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I am liking it so far! :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Very well written:) Your imagination is very good:) Great beginning:)!

Posted 4 Years Ago

great hook so far keeps the reader asking then what

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

Thanks Cherrie, glad you like it.
I do like it thus far. You have great story-telling abilities. I think it was nicely written and keeps the intrigue alive here.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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