BL - Three

BL - Three

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The Hunt


Birch Lake, 1980


From within the darkness, something was running, in the beams of light that hung like strings in the forest. A man emerges from the shadows, tripping and falling, fear was in his eyes as he looked back, panting, and wheezing. He forced himself run, terrified of something, which was chasing him. RUN, was the word screaming in his head. Tripping and falling, he gripped the branches and pulled himself up off the ground. Pushing aside the low hanging branches and out of breath, he continues onward, gasping for air he stopped in a clearing. In every direction he looked, only strings of light hung here and there. If there was something there, it was well hidden in the shadows of the forest.

He looks back one more time before continuing forward, a loud growl caught his attention, he turned to see if it was behind him. And then he tripped over some roots of a tree, sending him soaring down an embankment, striking the forest floor with a thud, it knocked the wind out of him, but only for a second, he had no time for pain, not now. But it was unbearable, tears rolled down his cheek as he wheezed and gasped for air, fighting the pain he tried pushing up off the ground. But it was useless, he could no longer run, he had no energy to press on. He then noticed a hole in the base of tree trunk, he painfully pulled himself in, and he crunched himself up hoping to hide from what was chasing him.


A low rumbling growl slowly prowled closer, He held his breath and his heart raced, his body trembled. He struggled to hold his breath in terror. Something was snorting followed with a low rumbling noise, almost like a purr. It was outside the tree trunk, it sniffed the air, searching. As he huddled there, he noticed the worms had come from out of the ground, roaches, and spiders. They too had acted like they were scared of this thing; they had seemed to be fleeing.

Then it gave a bone chilling screech that echoed within the forest. Horrified he covered his ears, shaking in fear he had hoped it would pass without noticing him. It had grunted loudly, the vibrating sound it made, crept closer and closer.

      Something was hunting him. It had taken his friend in a blink of an eye. Whatever was stalking him, he was trying to escape its grasp. The hole he was hiding in was not small enough to keep whatever was pursuing him, out.

      Those snarls moved stealthily closer, edging towards the hole…

      No, please God, no… don’t find me, please, don’t find me… his thoughts race as tears rolled down his face.

A shadow emerges; white silvery eyes appear to glow from a reflection, which in turn stares into the man’s hiding spot. Saliva drips from its fangs. Its head pokes in and their eyes meet, and as the man looked back into those eyes, swallowing air. The living thing was fixed on him as a rumble came from within it.


It growled and lunges forward with a ROAR.

He screams.

A flock of Ravens take to the air cawing.


© 2013 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
how was this chapter :)

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Suspenseful:) very good:)! You've got something great going:)!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Chilling. Your words are still intriguing. This was very good. You were always a great storyteller. I loved Dreams of Glory.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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