After Dark - Chapter Forty-Eight

After Dark - Chapter Forty-Eight

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A sweet scent


            A vague sound of thumping filled the dark void he was in; a constant beat disturbed his desolation. Drumming is what it sounded like to him. He then found himself in an open field, not sure of how he had gotten there, he stood looking from side to side trying to understand his surroundings. The moon in its silver circular formation glowed brightly. The beat of drums was still audible. He tried to find where the drumming was coming from. He listened to the faint sound, and he tried to follow but it was beating all around him. The smell of musk and pine filled his nostrils, and something else drifted toward him, it smelt rich and sweet, which made his mouth water instantly and he was suddenly thirsty and his gut burned and rumbled. His hands covered his throbbing abdomen. He wanted what made him hunger, yearn for it, he needed it, and he sniffed deeply taking in its rich aroma. The beating drum grew louder.

An urge overcame him and the howl of wolves and the moon pulled at him. The drumming hung in the air as he followed the smell, before he knew it, he was running and he moved through the forest stealthily, seeking out his urge for that sweet smell. After a while he came to a halt by the forest edge of another clearing. The scent was stronger, sickly sweet. The drumming continued and he licked his lips as he sniffed deeply and his eyes rolled as he closed them. It was there the aroma was coming from; he looked to its spot. There stood a girl gaping at the moon. On instant he lurched forward running and he felt himself morphing into something different and then he was on all fours galloping across the field. The drumming beat harder, faster. He felt a growl deep within, the smell drove him insane, wild. The girl screamed as a beast leapt from the tall grass and tore at her, grunting and growling like two dogs fighting. She screamed once more and her hand held a flower, blood poured out surrounding her and the drumming stopped.

“Nooo!” Gregory sat up resting on his forearms gasping for air; he saw shadowed figures all around him. 

“Who are you?” his voice cracked, before he lay down and falls back into the darkness. He heard only his heart beating and some voices in a strange language, then nothing…

© 2013 lawrence bear

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Added on February 22, 2013
Last Updated on March 29, 2013

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear