BL - Five

BL - Five

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Its no wolf...


Slowly I made my way through the tall brush as the snow began fall more heavily. It was getting thicker by the minute and I barely made out the path and for a while I rode down this path before I realized I was on the wrong route. I turned around a headed back and at this point I needed the washroom, I tried my best to hold it, but the bumps were not agreeing with my bladder. I stopped and trudged into the bush a little, the snow crunched beneath my feet. I had to remove my jacket in order to unzip my ski pants and then use the washroom. As I was doing up my jacket to continue towards the cabin, I had an eerie feeling and the hair on the back of my neck had stood on end. Slowly I pulled my hood back; I looked around and all I heard was the wind whistling off the trees. I stood momentarily looking around as I felt as though I was being watched.

For a moment, dread crept up on me. I shook it off as my feet crunched forward and then out of nowhere, a tree branch landed in front of my sled, my body jolted. My heart was in my throat and my head shot up with my eyes darting around. My heart raced and my blood grew hot quickly. I laughed nervously to myself, “Very funny guys,” my voice squeaked. I cleared my throat, “you almost had me too!” I shook it off and snickered and then hopped on my snowmobile. “You’ll have to do better than that you guys. I’ll see you clowns back at the cabin.” And I took off thinking they might want to race so I gunned it. When I arrived to the cabin, Mark was outside hanging a kettle over the fire. I looked back thinking; Jack must have heard my snowmobile and came to play a practical joke on me.

“That was a pretty good joke, Jack pulled.” I said to Mark as I got off my sled.

He looked at me strangely and asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Yeah whatever,” I said walking toward him. “Pretty good joke I tell you.”

“What joke?” Mark continued.

“Come on, stop it. Back there. Jack tossed some branch at me when I stopped for a leak” I smirked, pointing back with my thumb.

Mark just looked at me like I was crazy or something, but he was in on it, I’m sure he was. I ignored his odd look and headed for the cabin, I chuckled to myself thinking these clowns must have been bored to try a stunt like that. And just before I was going for the door handle, it opened and there was, Jack. He stood in the doorway looking down on me, “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Don’t just stand there with a dumb look on you face, you coming in or what?” he laughed. “I was wondering when you were going to show up. Man, you should have seen the herd this morning…” He went on about his morning and I stood speechless and shocked.

Many things ran through my head as I stood there, the old man’s words circled my head and then goose bumps began to crawl under my skin. Can it be? I thought to myself,

“Hey, are you okay?” Jack looked at me. “You look as white as a ghost!”

I was telling myself over and over, that it was Mark. It had to be and he just beat me back and made it look like he was here the whole time. That’s the only logical explanation. But then those old stories of ghosts in the woods flooded my head and it made me shiver. I shook myself out of it and saw Mark staring at me all weird.

“Yeah man, I’m fine,” I put on a smile. “I’m just a little tired from the trip. That snowfall was making me dizzy. It sure is getting nasty isn’t it?” I turned to look out into the woods and after a few seconds a chill ran up my spine that made me shudder. Ghosts in there woods… Toby’s words came to mind.

“I’m making some chicken noodle soup, it should warm you up” Mark said walking towards the kitchenette. “You sure you’re okay? You don’t look so good.” he stood in front of the counter and then pulled out some cups from the cupboard.

I wanted to tell him, but how do you explain what had happened? The old man’s words muttering Skukum… and how that tree branch flew out of nowhere. It wasn’t all coincidental or was it? It was too uncanny and too much to take in at the moment. When clearly I thought it was one of them trying to scare me with some practical joke… when it seemed likely not? At that moment, I was afraid to speak of it. Tales of those things up here came back in waves. Tales we were told as kids, what the elders spoke of, the word I am scared to utter but it loomed in my thoughts. Tales we had forgotten about. I was beginning to regret the decision of coming out here for the weekend. It was too late to run back now, and I certainly didn’t want to sound like a quack reminding him of those stories.

“Marcus!” he called, “Are you okay?”

I snapped from my thoughts, “I’m fine,” my voice sounded shaky, so I cleared my throat. But my insides were trembling so hard I almost soiled myself. “All I need is something to eat… and a cold beer maybe.” I plopped myself onto the bed burying my face in my hands trying not to think of it.

“Rough day at work again?”

“Yeah, sheer terror,” I replied. “Do you have any cold ones, I could use one right now.”

“Sure do,” he turned and opened the fridge and pulled out a canned beer and tossed it to me. “Hey, I noticed you didn’t have a bag of clothes or supplies when you came in. Did you forget them or what?”

“No,” the beer hissed when I opened it. “My bag and stuff is at the truck, didn’t have time to load them.”

“You want to go back for them?” Jack said while cupping up some soup. “I can fire up my snowmobile. I can sure use the fresh…”

“NO!” I cut in nearly leaping up from the bed, “I mean, it’s quite alright really; it can wait until tomorrow.”

“Boy, work really must have been a bugger. It’s stressing you out.” Jack smirked at my reaction. “Relax will you, okay fine. We can wait until morning; you don’t have to freak out about it. What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

At that moment, Mark came scrambling in and shut the door behind him, he stared out the window and he looked panic-stricken.

“Did you hear that?” he spluttered.

“No, hear what?” Jack replied and continued to stir the pot.

“You didn’t hear those wails?” Mark’s hand cupped over the glass as he peered out. “Weirdest s**t I ever heard.”

“It could have been wolves you know.” I said while taking a shot of my beer.

“It wasn’t a wolf; I know what they sound like.” Mark craned his head to us momentarily then shifted back staring out the window. “Wolves… wolves don’t scream!”

“Oh for Christ sakes, would you knock it off. Enough of this horse s**t, it’s not funny anymore.” I was fed up with their antics. “First of all, you toss some branch at me while I was pissing and now you’re rambling on about something screaming. Earth to Mark! Hello! Were in the wilderness maybe it was coyote!”

“Hey, f**k you!” he retorted and then stormed over to me and gave a hard shove knocking my beer from my hand. “I know what I heard.”

“Okay, break it up you guys.” Jack stepped in between us, “Mark, back off.” He rested his hand on his shoulder then turned to me, “as for tossing a branch at you? We did no such thing.” he stated.

“Come on, quit it, Jack. The gag is over man and I’m too tired for this bull s**t.”

“Marcus, Mark and I were here the whole time. I swear.”

“Yeah, what he said.” Mark said. “And I tell you both, on my mother’s grave. Something… something screamed out there. It sounded like… like an old woman.”

I laughed, “Oh that is good, almost had me too.”

“Well go check for yourself a*s face, if you don’t believe me.” Mark pointed toward the door.

I stood momentarily still giggling but soon as I started thinking of those old stories, I stopped. Chills ran through me like tiny needles before I mustered up the courage to prove him wrong. I shook my head at them “Okay.” and stepped toward the door; I held my breath and opened it.

The sound of wolves howling in the distance flowed in; I let out my air in relief and turned to look back at Mark. Jack then came and stood at the doorway listening as well. He turned to Mark and opened his mouth. Mark scowled. “I know what I heard.” he mumbled and then stormed for his rifle. He huffed past me with another shove as he went back outside, I only grinned as Jack slapped my arm with a smile.

“Damn wolves,” Jack said as he took a shot of a beer he had in his hand. “They sure can spook a guy sometimes. Can make you crazy, if you know what I mean. And you, what were you thinking? You guys are getting cabin fever before the weekend starts. Let’s get us some Elk before you guys lose your marbles all together.” He headed into the kitchen as I followed toward the den.

“I don’t know what to think, my mind is running wild okay. I’m sorry. Maybe I imagined the whole thing, with the snowfall and the wolves… never mind, I’m just tired, that’s all.” I pinched the bridge of my nose slumping into the den chair.

“Here.” Jack said as he poured soup into a cup and then gave it to me. “Drink up! Tomorrow comes early, get some rest; the snowfall we have tonight will draw those Elk out. They will leave fresh tracks for us to find them. And then, we will have us plenty of meat to share.”

I sat back and sipped my cup of soup, I chatted with Jack about my day to pass up the time. As the night progressed I began to feel tired and then I rested on the couch. My eyelids were getting heavy and Jack’s voice began to slide away. I tried to keep them open, I fought to no avail and everything went black.


© 2013 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear

How did the story grab you? Do you like it :)

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Its going along nicely:) I'm really enjoying it so far:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

I so far really like it. I like the story line and the plot is rounding out rather nicely. I can't wait to read the rest. Will you please let me know when you post more? Thank you. I would like to finish it.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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