After Dark - Chapter Forty-Nine

After Dark - Chapter Forty-Nine

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The Visitor


Paul stands smoking with his back to his unexpected guest. “And who are you exactly?” he cocked his head.

            “I’m reinforcement.” An older man dressed in black clothing spoke sternly in a southern accent.

            “I don’t know where you got your delusions from old man, but I have this under control.”

            “People are scared; they are beginning to lose their trust in you. You said you were rid of it, but some folks are still being mauled by something of a wolf. And I hear your friends have gone missing, possibly dead for all we know and all you do is stay cooped up in this house hiding..!”

            “I am not hiding!” Paul turns and slams his fist on the desk. “I’ve been out every night hunting it... I did kill it, I watched it fall…”

            “Fall, from where?”

            “I don’t know where exactly, but it fell from the cliff after I filled it lead.”

The old man shook his head, “And you call yourself a tracker.”

“Hey, back off old man before I put lead into you!” Paul sits back as he puts down his cigarette in a cup saucer.

“You’re welcome to try,” the old man sneered and slid aside his coat flashing his colt six shooter revolver.

“That’s a cute toy, but you don’t scare me.”

“Need I remind Mr. Wellington, I’ve been shooting sons of b*****s like you from Wyoming to here, hell I even had my run in with Crazy Horse, which was back when I was the strapping age of nineteen. I shot at him, emptied my rifle many times, but it was like shooting at a ghost, the old fool danced with the wind. Never touched him, not one bullet found its way to him. It was said that Crazy Horse believed he was the wind. That was the only time I missed my target too, only time. Now, I am not here to tangle with you Mr. Wellington. I’m simply here on town business; the town of Red Rose seems to be losing interest in you. You fail to bring down this wolf that tortures this town, its giving it a bad name.” the old man leans forward and takes Paul’s cigarette, puffing out smoke he said, “Now, if you can’t do a simple thing as track and kill a little wolf, I will Mr. Wellington, to rid of this venom from the town once and for all. What will it be Wellington, are you game for the hunt?”

Paul watched the old man’s eyes for a moment before nodding, “Or die trying.”

A grin reaches the old man’s face, “Good answer, that’s spirit, and it’s what I like to hear. Now I’d be on my way, no need to show me out, I know where the door is.” He said putting on his hat and then straightening the rim with both hands and then strode toward the door.

“I didn’t catch your name mister, awfully rude of someone of your stature.” 

The man stopped and turned his head, “Gates, Mr. Gates. Oh and Mr. Wellington, may the best hunter win. It’s been a pleasure.” He grinned.

Anger rose within Paul, the old man had rubbed him the wrong way flashing his iron the way he did. But in some way he thought maybe the old man would be doing him a favor. He sat motionless thinking until he heard the gallop of hooves off into the distance, rising from his chair he went to the window, dust rose as the horse disappeared into the woods.

“The pleasure will be mine Mr. Gates. The pleasure will be mine.”



© 2013 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear

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Added on March 29, 2013
Last Updated on May 10, 2013
Tags: Mystery, Suspense & Thriller

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear