BL - Seven

BL - Seven

A Chapter by lawrence bear



            The cool air was what I needed to wake up, I felt good and excited to get our first catch of the day. Our snowmobiles roared through bush busting a new trail as we rode across the lake. It was new territory for us; we rode for some time before Mark had stopped ahead of us and pointed to the Elk tracks in the snow. We stopped and got off our sleds, Mark and Jack studied them determining whether it was fresh tracks or not. I retrieved my rifle that slung cross over my shoulder and loaded the chamber in case we spotted the herd. I took one look at tracks and told them the herd crossed here about an hour or two before we arrived.


            “How the hell do you know that? Are you related to Nana Bush or something?” Jack had said giving a chuckle.

            “You can walk from here, and follow those tracks,” Mark had said. “We’ll ride up ahead and circle back around that ridge, to try and flush them out toward you.” He pointed.

            “What are you nuts? Were in wolf country, and we never been this side of the lake. What is he to do if he comes across a cougar or something?” Jack protested.

            “Would you relax?” I cut in before he went all dramatic on us. “You sound like my mother; ugh that’s a scary thought. Besides I’m not afraid of those critters. Not when I’m holding Memphis here.” I said patting the stock of my rifle and Mark broke out into a laugh.

            “I’m just trying to be…” was all Jack had said before Mark jumped in.

            “Leave him be mommy dearest, he’ll be okay and let’s go you old hag, before you break out the banjo.” And he snorted and sped off on his snowmobile.


             Jack only looked at me, wanting to say something but he didn’t. It wasn’t long before he followed behind. I trudged forward shaking my head, I couldn’t help but laugh. I forgot about the tracks as I walked along for some time and when I did remember, I looked and nothing was there, hardly my own tracks as the wind blew. I lost my keen sense of direction; I turned my head and listened for the snowmobiles to no avail. The only thing I heard was the sound of the wind whistling through the trees. I stood for a moment gazing at my surroundings; the ridge I was to head for was nowhere to be seen. I looked to the sky, and I don’t recall it becoming cloudy. I don’t recall walking to this point. I lost track of time and I had no idea to where north was. The wind seemed to have picked up without me noticing. The sound it gave howling through the bushes was unnerving. I turned and followed my tracks back but they were gone, the blowing snow covered and hid them well. To my surprise, I was lost.


© 2013 lawrence bear

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Very good so far:) You need to hurry with the next chapter:)! Leaving me with an ending like that lol

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

I will for sure:)! I'll be happy to review the next one two:) If you get a chance after posting the .. read more
lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

will do :) thanks again RainDancer

4 Years Ago

Thanks and no prob dude:)

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lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear