Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Four ) - 2 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Four ) - 2 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear

This is going to be quite the reunion


- Meanwhile -


“Yes Mr. President, we are on route as we speak.”


“Fatalities are climbing Batman, as leader of this country, it is hard for me to stand here and watch it unfold on television. The country of United States will not fall under whoever is responsible for this attack. The country is depending on you boys…”


“Excuse me Commander, but never send in a man to do a woman’s job!”


 “My apologies Wonder Woman, forgive me, my mind is running in circles. We are in a state of emergency. Defcon 2 has been issued; we have not been at this level since 1962. The city of Metropolis is under siege and Superman is nowhere to be seen. If you fail to stop this thing, I’m afraid we will be at level 1 in high alert. I only hope the Army can hold out long enough until the Justice League arrives.”


“He’ll be there Mr. President. Superman has never let us down.”


“I hope you’re right Batman, I hope you’re right. God knows we need him right now, I bid you well and Godspeed.” �" End of transmission.


“Do you honestly think he will come to help?” Wonder Woman stood behind Batman with one hand resting on his left shoulder. “It’s been months since we’ve heard from him; it is possible he may have left us for good.”


“No… he hasn’t. He’ll be there. You’ve got to have faith.” Batman said with his eyes set on the horizon.


- Wonder Woman and the Flash exchanged gazes but never say a word. Wonder Woman then withdrew from the cockpit. Flash opened his mouth as he stared at Batman, but the words could not flow. He turned away and looked at his instruments trying to find something to distract him. -


“I know it’s hard to understand,” Batman uttered. “Right now, we are living in a world without Superman. And To live without him is like living with no barriers, no rules, and no enforcement. The world is in turmoil because of it. Innocent lives are taken, it seems hopeless… But we must stand together to bring hope, amity and justice. We will see Superman again… until then, it is up to us to do what’s right. We just have to hang onto what little hope we have left.”


- Elsewhere -


            - Through the hallway of what looks to have been a prison, a familiar cackle ricochets the down the corridors. A television blasts the ongoing news of the attack, every now and then laughter breaks out echoing through the hallways. In a dark room a television is set on a table, the images it shows are ruins of suburban Metropolis and pictures of people fleeing, others bloody and being aided. The station changes, only bedlam on every station as the set flicks from one station to the other. �"


            “Would you look at that, the stuff they show on these reality shows these days, anything to get a boost in ratings? Ha-ha.” The figure has his feet on the coffee table; he flicks the channel once more.


            - We interrupt your regular programming for the President’s announcement. �"

            “Good evening, today our fellow citizens, our freedom, our way of life have come under attack in a serious and deadly act of terrorism.  The victims were in stores, in their offices, in their vehicles. They were Military and federal workers, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. Hundreds of lives were suddenly ended by this monstrous act, the pictures of fires burning, buildings collapsing, and with the absence of Superman, these images have filled us with terrible sadness and disbelief.  I ask of you to seek shelter. Stay indoors, I have put the city of Metropolis under curfew. For your protection, please abide by these rules. At this very moment, our nation’s armed forces are joined alongside of our superheroes, battling for your freedom, your very existence. I ask you my fellow Americans to not give up hope; Batman and his Justice League has assured me Superman will return. This reign of terror can shake the foundations of our tallest buildings, but it cannot shake the foundation of America. It will knock us down but it will not defeat us, we will rise because our country is strong. It is my faith we will go back to our daily lives, our daily routines. My prayers go out to the families of those whom have perished, and may God be with us as a nation. Pray for the safety of our men, our way of life. Pray for… the return of Superman.”


            “Would you listen to this clown babble? Ah, there’s nothing but crap on the telly.” The dark figure tosses the remote at the television. “If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a clown with no defiance. With ole Supey out of the picture, there can only be one menace this side of town. I can’t let that thing reign on my parade, I think it’s time we make an appearance and liven up the joint.” The figure stands and stretches, slowly he tilts his head into the light.


“Harley my dear,” Joker grinned.


“Yes snookum’s.”


“Can you be a doll and round up the boys? There seems to be a bash in Metropolis, and I hear it’s quite the smash. Ha ha ha ha. My, my, what fun that will be. Oh and did I mention my old friend, Batsy will be in attendance.” Joker cups his hands together grinning, “This my dear, is going to be quite the reunion, Ha ha ha.”

© 2014 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Have we seen the end of Superman?

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The Joker and the Batman, my favorites :P A sure bonus to the chapter. You have pushed my interest even further with the intro of the Joker (and Harley). If I were to make one tweak to this chapter, it would be the Batman crying part. He rarely does that, and if he does it's over a major, climatic scene. Save it for then :P Other than that, nice job.

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

Keep those reviews coming, glad you're liking it :D. Thanks for reviwing
I like the addition of the other super hero's. Giving the story more opportunity for a storyline and possibilities. Good conversation with the President. A very good chapter. Thank you.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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