Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Five )

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Five )

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- Outside of Metropolis �"


            “We will not let this monster pass, you hear me?” General shouts into his radio watching as the beast slowly rose from the rubble. There was stillness among them as a rumbling sound loudly filled the air and it now stood before them, the beast roared.


General Biggs shouts, “Fire! Fire everything!”


- From the Daily Planet chopper, a visible line of fire is seen; straight lines of light stream across the field into the beast. It roars again and charges toward General Biggs troops.-


General Biggs shouts, “Attack! Full speed ahead,” but the driver does not move. General Biggs turns and looks down at him “What are you waiting for? Drive!”


“But general!” the driver retorts, “That’s suicide!”


“This is not boy scouts private! This is what we do; it’s what you signed up for…”


“But sir…”


“Don’t but sir me, this is not just a job private, it’s a god damn adventure! Now drive d****t!”


            - The creature roared and the ground shook as it came. Soldiers fired onto the beast in vain as some soldiers looked towards the heavens in tears. Mortar shells and missiles were fired at the charging goliath. General Biggs lead the way shouting as he went, with his fingers on the trigger; he gave one last command, “Charge!”

With one swipe from the beast’s blow, General Biggs vehicle exploded into pieces. Upon witnessing the death of their General, gunfire ceased for a moment. Stillness hung in the air where only the sound of the beast rumbled. All the men gave a yell and charged toward the beast like madmen on foot and in vehicles, the beast tilted it head back and roared.


A loud hissing sound came from above; the charging men stopped and looked up. A green streak of light shot downward and imploded on the monster, the shockwave penetrated half a kilometre radius. Moments later a shadowy figure emerges from the dust cloud. -


            “Sorry I’m late, but traffic was heavy.” Green Lantern sneered dusting himself off. The army and bystanders cheered.


- The monster growled as it rose from the rubble; the cheer muted, Green Lantern twisted in disbelief. The beast was stunned, slowly it rose growling and it shook its head. -


“You want some seconds huh, well save room for desert cupcake. There’s plenty more where that came from!”  Green Lantern stood sizing up his opponent.


- The beast caught site of Green Lantern, it stood silent for a moment before remembering the suit. Its eyes narrowed and it crouched down snarling; it grunted and rumbled before it leashed an ear-splitting roar. -


“Whew, have you heard of a mint buddy? No? Must be tough finding dates huh?” Green Lantern mocked.


- The beast roared and charged but only faced a bombardment of missiles from the Justice League jet, propelling it backward. The jet boomed overhead.


“That’s one you owe me kid.” Batman’s voice sounded in Green Lantern’s earpiece.


“I had it covered old man, but before you start bragging. Take a look out your window.”


“My God! There are two of them?”


Green Lantern chuckled, “Nope! Only one, but if you want; I think I can take it from here.” Green Lantern announced as the beast charged toward him.


“I’ll swing around and take another crack at him unless, um, this wouldn’t be one of your blind dates again, would it?”


“Funny guy, enough of the small talk and get your butt down here… I’m gonna need the extra hands!” Green Lantern grunted as he flung a giant fist into the rampant monster.



- Superman stood on the surface of the moon. The earth in its half marble state; he gazes on as pleas filled his ears… “Superman, help us… Mommy has Superman gone bye-bye… How can he not help us…? Where are you Superman? He left us! He left us… Supermen please save my mommy and daddy… Superman, we need you…” Shutting his eyes, he felt their despair; the cries went on and on. -


And then one voice caught his attention, “My dear boy, I know you can hear me. And I know you are struggling with yourself, trying to understand what things are and what may come, but you are not the blame of your father’s death.” His head shot up as he listened to his mother’s voice. “It’s not your fault my boy, and you must stop beating yourself up over it. I know things are different between you and me, as we come from different worlds. I know you will not grow old as we do but we do have one thing in common, compassion. You feel love, hurt, anger and confusion, you may feel hate and fear as we all do and it’s perfectly normal. It’s okay to be afraid my son, there is no shame in that; it’s what gives us courage and strength to battle for what we believe in. Whatever you are feeling my son, I want you to know, I love you no matter what choices you make. I’ll always be here for you. If your father were here, what do you think he’ll say?”


Clark smiled at the thought of his father Jonathan and reflected his words. “Son, I’m going to tell you what I always do. You were sent here for a reason and whatever reason it will be, you will know what to do. You and only you, have the power to decide your destiny, whatever cost it will be, and I know in my heart, you will do the right thing.”


A women’s scream pulled him from his thoughts.

His heart dropped as he looked towards earth and it hammered against his chest walls as he recognized the tone. The penetration of the beasts roar haunted him.

© 2014 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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Still good characterization of Superman and Green Lantern. Can't wait to see Superman finally arrive. Batman's character as far as personality goes is okay. Still could use some touch ups, I believe. This story is meant for comic book readers, like myself. I understand the people and the situation, but for people who do not know these characters the story will be hard to connect with. There are no descriptions of the characters. So, like I said, it is targeted only for the comic book reader who already knows about these people - which is fine, too :P

Posted 4 Years Ago

A very good chapter. I like the Green Lanterns. Always a interesting character. A good fight scene so far. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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