Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Six ) Part 1 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Six ) Part 1 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- Choppers flew overhead as the monsters destruction continued; it’s massive forearms break through Green Lantern’s shield and whacks him sideways. Green Lantern bounces off a couple of buildings and news choppers capture all the action. They are live and capture Batman’s attempts along with the army’s Apache choppers firing at the beast. The creature then leaps into the air toward one of the Apache choppers, clinging to the side as it swirls in mid-air; the creature smashes its fist into the cockpit killing its occupants. The chopper falls and explodes as the beast leapt toward another chopper, the NBWC News crew. The monster does the same, killing the crew inside. It reaches in and pulls out one passenger then flinging him as the world watches on in despair. It crushes the cockpit as it too falls to the ground and then it leapt towards Batman’s Jet with a roar as it hung in the air, smashing one side on impact. -


            “Hang on tight Princess!” Batman cries as he turned the craft. “It’s going to be a rough ride! Flash, hit the panic button.”


             - Flash hits the button and an electric charge surrounded the craft and shocked the monster and it fell to the earth stunned causing a shockwave.  Batman fought with the Jet as it lost its balance and toppled to the ground. Landing hard, it skidded to a stop. -


            “Is everyone okay?” Batman asked as he undid his safety harness.


            “Yeah, I’m okay.” Flash had said as he rubbed his head.


            “Princess, are you okay?” Batman stood with dread for a moment. “Diana!”


            “It’s possible her earpiece may have fallen out on impact.” Flash tried to assure him.


            Tremors rolled under their feet and Batman turned to Flash, “We don’t have much time. Check on the princess and see if she’s alright. Green Lantern, are you alright… come in Green Lantern, are you there? Flash, what are you waiting for? Get her out of here while I try to stall this thing.”


            “There’s no stop to this thing Bruce! We have to get out here… Not even Superman can save us from judgement day!” Flash proclaimed.


            - Batman turned to him wanting to defend his friend, but he bite his tongue and his gut pulled at him knowing within his heart that Flash maybe right. There was no way of stopping this creature, not on their own as it refused to quit and it was annihilating everything in its path. The only person he knew that was capable of stopping this thing, possibly defeating this rampaging beast, and their only chance of survival was, Superman. Batman nor anyone had never heard from him in months, and he was nowhere in sight, nowhere to be found. Batman felt his lip quiver as he stood watching the monster arise once more as the Army fed more ammunition into it. It seemed useless, the ground shook and the air boomed with explosions. Batman began to consider, Wonder Women’s words. Maybe Superman had left them for good and maybe this was the end, as this monster appeared to be Doomsday itself. But Batman refused to believe it and he fought back his emotions clamping his fists in resentment as his thoughts ran wild… had Superman abandoned them? -


            Batman raised his head, “I believe I am here for a reason, and whatever reason it is, I am not about to give up those that depend on us. It’s our job to protect the innocent and I am willing to sacrifice everything, whether I live or die, I serve justice.” He lowered his eyes back onto the beast. “If you feel you must go then go. I am not going to stop you, it’s understandable. It’s okay to be afraid, we are only human… and I’m scared too, but I will not turn my back on them… I will not.”


            “You can count me in,” Wonder Woman had said leaning from the doorway. Battered and bloody she held her left shoulder as she stepped forward, “For justice.” She said as she held out her hand.


            Batman gazed at her for moment and then put his hand on top of hers, “For justice.”


            Flash stepped forward and held out his hand on top of Batman’s who in turn had looked at him. “You think I’m about to miss out on all the fun,” Flash said with a grin. “For justice.” He added.


            “It sure is nice to hear you’re all getting sentimental, but do you think you can save the hugs for later and help me with this thing. I can’t do it alone.” Green Lantern’s voice came over their ear pieces.


            “You got it kid!” Batman beamed. “You heard him kids, let’s go!” Batman turned and leapt from the jet in a single bound as Wonder woman and Flash followed him into battle.

© 2014 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
Quick hurry on over to Part 2 of chapter 6. I hope you're enjoying my series :)

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A very good chapter. Good to see a team effort going to effect at the end. A entertaining story. Always good to read your stories. A excellent story so far.

Posted 5 Years Ago

lawrence bear

5 Years Ago

Thank you for your reviews Coyote, always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm glad you're taking intere.. read more

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lawrence bear

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