BL - Eight

BL - Eight

A Chapter by lawrence bear



I tried not to panic as a wave came over me; I figured I’d get myself out of the open and into the bush where the wind won’t be as cold. I trekked towards the bush; I scanned at my surroundings thinking maybe I would see the ridge once I pass the tall pines. Once I had gotten there, the trees were just as tall behind them. I ventured on through, I hoped to hear one of the snowmobiles, but maybe the guys found tracks and followed by foot. The further I went; the more it seemed the woods had gotten darker and darker. I began to quicken my pace and my heart started to race, before I knew it, I was in full outright sprint tripping and falling, the cry of a wolf in the distance spun me around and stopped me completely.

            I had the rifle up and ready, I gulped the air before I realized the wolf was a long ways away. I don’t know what came over me; I had never panicked like that before. I simply forgot my trapping skills, and then I remembered what my grandpa once said to me while we were out hunting. “It is easy for one to lose their nerve up here in these parts of woods, especially when it is occupied by the stick people.” My hair stood on end as the old man’s words crept into my mind. Why I thought of it, I don’t know, but I was creeping out mighty good.

The wind shrieked through the trees, casting an unnerving feeling. I scanned the bush as I was beginning to let my mind wonder. My heart rate sped up as I loaded my rife, and in the corner of my eye to the left of me, a shadow figure moved stealthily across to the darkened part of the woods. My head snapped to where I last had seen the shadow figure, it was huge and quick whatever it was, my pulse raced with fear and I could feel droplets of sweat from my brow as I held my aim. And then those dreaded words old man Holden had said at the store struck more fear into me, “There are ghosts in there woods.”

My hands shook as I looked through my scope, hoping not to see whatever it was that sleeked across and my body shivered. I stood with my rifle ready for a long time, and as scared as I was; I never once dropped my aim. After a while I figured it was only my mind playing nasty little tricks on me, seeing things that weren’t even there. Grandpa was right; one can lose their nerve up here in these woods and I was pretty damn close to it. Eventually I shook it off and slowly I trudged forward with my gun in hand. It wasn’t long before I came to a clearing, I stood in that clearing, staring, and I was stunned by what I saw.

            There were these trees that were uprooted and placed upside down into the ground. At first I thought they were funny looking trees and the closer I observed them, I realized they were upside down with the roots sticking out. I examined them closer thinking that some machinery might have down that, but there were no markings of any sort. What in the world would do this? Why would they do this? I gawked for some time; I was beginning to feel spooked, and then the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I had a funny feeling I was being watched. Slowly I scanned the bush. The wind howled above the tree tops, my hand gripped my rifle a little tighter. There was a faint musky odor that came and went with the wind. Then I noticed claw marks on one of the trees, etched deep into its bark. I swallowed air as my other hand crept to grasp the rifle, with my thumb I unlocked the safety, and my heart pounded. My body tingled as I kept my head down trying not to make eye contact with whatever it was, that was now stalking me. I kept my head down, but my eyes looked up to observe. My hands trembled as I pulled the lever back.

And when the rifle clicked, something huge snorted fifty yards in front of me. My knees almost buckled as I could see this things breath from within the shadows of the woods. Its odor grew thicker as it grunted a few more times. The wind shrieked through the trees and I nearly pissed myself, I froze with fear, terrified of what I may see. My hands shook as I closed the chamber and it rumbled from within the shadows. I debated to lift my rifle; I don’t think this was a wolf nor bear, it was too big. My lip quivered as I bit into it, I lifted the rifle in order to protect myself. Another sniffle came from behind me, my body jolted. I could almost feel it breathing down my neck, those tingles shot down through my spine. I was never so afraid in my life, my heart pounded in my head. And my breath became ragged.

The bang of a rifle echoed off in the distance, and these things grunted and then another gunshot followed. It was then when these things took off screaming through the bush. I dropped my rifle and dropped to my knees covering my ears; it was the most god awful sound I ever heard. Gunshots, I never thought I would be so glad to hear them. It saved my hide and I laid there in the snow, thankful I wasn’t dinner, yet. Once that thought crossed my mind, I jumped to my feet with my rifle, I slung it around my shoulder and I scurried on back the way I came. I never looked back once; I just ran and ran as fast as I could through the snow. I wanted to stay clear of that place, and I vowed to myself to never return as I darted through the woods tripping and falling. I kept on going regardless; it seemed I was not tired as my fear drove me forward.

Finally when I  was near where the guys dropped me off, I noticed the ridge to my right, but I turned toward the lake, I know it was selfish of me, but I only wanted to get of there. I tried not to think of what happened, but it burned into my thoughts. I don’t know what it was, but that hideous scream was enough to keep me away for good. I told myself I would never speak of this to anyone, I could not tell Mark or Jack, or they’d think of me as old man Holden. They would think I’m some old crazy person they once knew. What would they all think? But the only questioned that lingered in my head was, “Was that the Stick people grandpa mentioned? Were they the ghost’s old man, Holden spoke of?” I will never know, and I sure in the hell don’t intend to find out.

© 2013 lawrence bear

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Thanks for posting more chapters its great btw:)! Sorry I haven't gotten to it until now:(

Posted 4 Years Ago

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A Story by lawrence bear