Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Seven ) Part 1 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Seven ) Part 1 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear




            Washington, DC. The White House,


Three highly decorated men stride down the hallway toward the oval office. One that is carrying a briefcase chained to his wrist walks in the middle. The soldiers that guard the door stand aside when they come into view and salute the commanding men as they open the door and enter the room.

They enter as the President watches the television. The Commander in Chief has one arm folded as the other rests under his chin. “Where is Superman?” he mutters. “I can’t believe my eyes, this is catastrophic. We’re doomed without him Dickie; he is the only one who can stop this thing.” he turned away from the television, disgusted as the beast roared. His heart was heavy after witnessing the death of the Flash as it unfolds live around the world. He put his hand on the left shoulder of his head security, “What am I to do Dickie?” he mumbled.


“Excuse me, Mr. President?” the man with the briefcase announces as he set it on the table and unlocked it. “I have the answer to your question right here. There is one way we can stop this monster and we need your signature, to go ahead with operation StarFox.”


“Operation StarFox?!” The President scowled and stepped forward grasping the papers that were presented to him.



Batman was wary of Joker’s offer as he stood before him. And as Batman knelt clenching in pain, his head probed his surroundings. There stood Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, Bane and Jokers Thugs. The very villains he sought out and fought. Enemies whom wanted revenge for various reasons, enemies who wanted him dead, who wanted to feel his life slip away in their own hands. But they were not here for that. No…


Why would they do this? Why? They should be relishing it while this thing had decimated my crew and anything in its path. Batman thought. But then again, it will stop at nothing until it wipes us all from the face of the earth.


Now, now they stood before him as comrades, wanting to be an alliance for the good of man. Batman ponders Jokers offer whose hand was covered by a purple glove that was now extended out toward him. He tilted his head upward to Joker’s unsettling grin. The sound of shells, explosions and screams filled the air. Superman had abandoned them he thought; Batman nodded and clutched Joker’s hand, which in turn pulled him up from out of the rubble.




                “I’ve never even heard of this,” Mr. President blasts the man with the briefcase. “Who are you and what is this?” he leafed through the pages.


                “I’m afraid that’s classified sir.”


                “Classified? I’m the President of the United States.”


                “With all the respect sir, if you just sign on the dotted line. I’ll be on my way.”


                “Sign where?” The President then reads some of the material.


                “Sir…” The man with briefcase points to the dotted line.


                “Yes, I see that. But I want to read what I’m signing.” The President digs into his inside pocket and pulls out eye glasses.


                “Mr. President… if you just sign the document, this would end the war before it starts.”


                “What is this?” The Presidents looks on in horror as he reads the document. He lowers the papers in disgust, “You want me to sign this,” he waved the papers. “Giving you the okay to nuke the city of Metropolis? How are we going to evacuate the people?”


                “There would be no time for that sir.”


“You’ve got to be kidding me… I am appalled you would think I’d let a bomb go off in one of our major cities! There are thousands of people down there, there are children down there, and our troops are there. No I won’t… We are not monsters to set off an atom bomb just to try and stop this thing! What if it doesn’t work, then what? I’ll tell you what; we would be no different than that thing out there obliterating anything in its path.”


“It’s just a matter of time Mr. President!” The man with the briefcase said.


“I said No d****t! I will not engage the act of decimating a city in hopes of ending this. I will not be a part of it, have you no conscious? If Batman says Superman will show… than he’ll show. As hard as it is… we must put our faith in him.”


© 2013 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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The idea of nuking Metropolis adds to the plot. There is no longer the threat of Doomsday but also the government itself. So who can we trust? The Justice League, of course ;)
Once you finish with the basic story, I suggest you go back and slow the pace of the story a little. Give the reader something to connect with with each of the characters, particularly the Flash and Wonder Woman before they die, that way their deaths mean something more to the reader. Add some description to the characters so the reader can visualize them. You are very good at describing fighting scenes, so use that talent on the characters themselves.
Also, great job on hitting the Joker's personality. I really like him in this story :)
Will read on when you write on :P

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

thank you for reading :)
I like the President decision. To wait for Superman. i like the use of the Joker. The storyline is getting better with each chapter. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

thank you for reading coyote, glad you're ,liking it.

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