Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Seven ) Part 2 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Seven ) Part 2 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Joker's Wild




                Joker assists Batman to his feet and says, “Ooo I can just see the headlines now,” Joker hugs Batman with one arm while the other is pointing to the air. “Joker and the Cape Crusader together at last, for one last hurrah.” Joker giggles, “Together we’d be the good, the bad and, up against the ugly of course, if you know what I mean. Ha, ha, ha!”


“Save the gags for later, Joker. I’m not in the mood.”


“Why so… serious Batsy, lighten up a little will yah! We’re a team now.” Joker grinned as he held onto Batman’s shoulders.


                Batman hesitated, “For now…”


Joker chuckled. “It gives me tingles, just to hear you say that. Ha, ha, ha.”


“But don’t go thinking I’ve forgotten what you’ve done to Robin.” Batman glared at Joker.


                “What!” Joker stepped back with his hands touching his chest. “Me…?”


                “This alliance won’t change anything. After this, you and me… we have a score to settle.”


                “There you go again, spoiling the fun as usual. Now what could have I possibly done to upset you, Batsy?” Joker grinned and snickered, spreading out his arms.


                Batman grabbed him by the collars and pulled him close, “You know what you’ve done. You killed Robin… He was just a kid, and you killed him.”


                “Oh that, well… what can I say. He was a dynamite kid, and we had a blast together. Ha Ha ha.”


                “You better hope I perish in the aftermath. I swear Joker… when this is all over. I will have my vengeance!” Batman released him.


Joker snickered straightening his coat. “Ah Batman, I’ve forgotten how much fun you are. I’ve disremembered how predictable you were as well. Being the Boy Scout you are, the hero everyone hates,” he laughed dusting off his chest and he said, “Well maybe not everyone, but that’s what I liked about you. At times you can be obscure and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care for your dark side.”

            “If you ask me I think it’s kind of hot, I think he’s purrrfect!” Cat Woman stepped toward Batman and caressed his chiselled face purring, but stopped as Joker glared at her.


“There’s plenty of time for that later kitty cat! For now, we boys have a party to get to; you girls stay back here, clean up the joint and…” Joker nodded his head toward Batman. “Gather his friends.”


“I didn’t come here to clean, Joker. I came here to play, so let the cat out of the bag, meow.”


“Yeah, why can’t we go Puddings? I can handle the big guns.” Harley withdrew her gun quick and pointed.


“Oh I know you can doll face.” Joker leered and he held his hand under her chin with his index finger and thumb. “But it’s not for me dolls; it’s for our new friend, Batsy.” Joker smiled. “And it would mean so much to me if you do.”


Harley takes her eyes of the Joker and gazes to where the Flash lay and a partial bus where Wonder Women supposedly is and said. “Okay snookum’s, but were going to need some help. Bane, I’m going to need you to remove that pole and bus and to help with the bodies. Cat Woman, search the area for the Green Lantern.”


Bane turns his head from Harley to Joker,


Joker turned to meet his stare. “You heard the lady,” Joker chuckled. “Help out with things around here, pick up the pieces, and oh, try not to do more damage than there is.” Joker turned away and snapped his fingers at his thugs. “Come on boys, it’s time to take the show on the road. The festivities are only beginning,” Joker giggles. “It’s better late than never. Wouldn’t you agree? Ha-ha. What do you think, Batman, are you ready for round two?” Joker extended his arm toward the carnage path.


- Explosions thundered along with the beast in the distance and more gun fire followed. Batman pondered as he looked on, and then turned his eyes back to Joker. He gave a smirk that hurled the Joker into a laughing fit. -


“That’s the spirit old boy, ha-ha. That’s what I like about you, it’s like… we think alike. I’m going to enjoy riding along with you,” Joker sniggered. “What a duo we’d be… ha, ha, ha. It’s going to be, one hell of a ride.”



While back at the White House, a different matter is unfolding.


“Get out of my office! Get out now right now,” The President shouted. “Can someone please escort this, this heartless person away? I can’t believe what they wanted me to do, I can’t. What kind of government are we running? This is not who we are.” he slammed his fist on a desk. “We are not about genocide! We are not to declare war upon our own?” he was furious no one had showed sorrow. “No! That is not the American way.” his tone shifted. “Our founding fathers paved the way to what we call this great country, America.  They fought wars to save our fellow citizen. President Washington won the battle of Yorktown against the British, President Lincoln had freed the slaves and won the Civil war, President Roosevelt was victorious in world war two, and President Kennedy had stopped the Cuba crisis, he stopped what may have been what these men were trying to get me to do, and that is to ignite a nuclear war.” his head shifted back and forth, looking at everyone in the room for a moment, before continuing.  “Is this how we thank our past Presidents, by setting off a bomb… a bomb that may not even stop this thing? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not how I want to be remembered, no… I don’t want to be remembered as… the president who performed genocide on his own people.” and then the President turned his attention toward the television,  he stood gazing as the monitor showed the beast destroying everything in its path, watching it annihilate the army. He shakes his head in disbelief and mutters, “Either way, if Superman doesn’t show. This blood bath is on my hands.” he raises his hands and stares at them. He then paced across the floor to the window and stares out into the sky. “Where are you, Superman? We need you, Superman; we need you now… more than ever.”





While searching through the wreckage of metal and rubble from buildings a tall slinky figure emerges from one pile, “Hiss… When I said I’d tagged along. This is not what I had in mind.” Cat Woman was irritated while searching for Green Lantern. “Harley! I don’t think there’s anything here.”


                “Just keep searching,” Harley replied as she stood by Bane who gripped the pole and slowly pulled it out of the Flash.


“Do you think…” Cat Woman paused as Harley stood gaping at her, “Do you think Superman will show? Why isn’t he here? Is he gone or what, and why is he letting this happen? I mean, wouldn’t he have been here already if he wasn’t?” Cat Woman had said while lifting shards of metal, before her eyes were fixed back on Harley who in turn had shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know.” and then turned her attention to the, Flash lying before her feet. She crouched down closer to him.


“Harley, if he is around here. I don’t think the Green Lantern is… in one piece!”


“Would you just keep looking, God, she’s such a party pooper.” Harley said looking down on the Flash. “It’s such a shame for him to go out like this. Hmm he was a handsome devil wasn’t he?” Harley caressed his face. “Pick him up, Bane and put him in that building right there.” She pointed across the street.


                “Harley!” Cat Woman called.


                “What! I’m kind of busy here.”


“What are we going to do with them, I mean, do we have to guard them or what?”


                “What’s with all the questions…? I don’t know, maybe Batman would like it if we gather them together.”




                Harley growled, “What now?”


                “I found him!”


                “Together I hope?” Harley turned to look at her.


                “Yeah, he’s in one piece, a bit mangled but intact.”


                “Bane, you know what to do.” Harley patted his back. “But before you go, can you move this bus. I want to see if Wonder Woman is in there.”


                - The bus screeched on the concrete as Bane pulled on it. Rubble fell and rolled from the building as tiny pebbles of stone hopped and bounced by Harley’s feet. Her eyes were fixed on them as she stood debating, whether or not if she had wanted to see, Wonder Woman. Her mouth felt dry as she tugged at her collar. Did she want to see her? Did she want to look at her corpse? She had deep respect for her, but she withheld that information from Joker. He would have nothing of that, he would have slapped her, maybe beat her, or maybe he would have killed her for betraying him. No, she kept it a secret, she admired her from afar. She saw herself fighting crime, she had dreamed of fighting alongside of her, but Joker easily manipulated her. He tugged at her heart, he played with her mind, he used her to escape from Arkham once, and she loved him so. This is why she isn’t running with Wonder Woman.

                Harley looked towards Cat Woman as Bane strode over to collect Green Lantern. She took a deep breath and bent over to remove a stone, it was too heavy but Harley tried again and tugged. She let out a grunt as the stone began to move and then had switched from pulling to pushing as she shifted her body, the stone hit the cement with a thud. She began to remove smaller stones and then stopped when; Wonder Women’s bracelet came into view. Harley removed another stone and Wonder Woman’s arm fell. Harley gasped and her heart raced, it wasn’t what she had expected to feel. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her… idol, her hero. Harley removed a few more stones just to be sure; she needed to know if it was her.  She removed more rocks before staring at a dark mass of tangled hair. Harley reached for her face but paused momentarily. It was Wonder Woman, but she refused to believe, no, it wasn’t her; it wasn’t as she had hoped. She reached further and removed the hair from her face, Harley’s heart skipped a beat as she knew, and it was Wonder Woman.-


                Harley stood and swallowed back her emotions, “Hey…” her voice was barely audible as she wiped her eye and then cleared her throat before she called out again, “Hey! Cat Woman, I foun…” and then Harley let out a ghastly scream as something snatched her leg.


                It was Wonder Woman’s hand wrapped around her ankle, Harley’s eyes widened. “Cat Woman!” she shouted. “Cat Woman! She’s alive… she’s alive. Wonder Woman is alive!”


© 2014 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Boom !! and that, is how I roll (Jokers laugh) what did you think :D

To be continued....

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A very interesting chapter. I like the emotion of Batman having to deal with the Joker. I like the twist in the story. Bad guys and good guys working together. I like the search and find of Wonderwoman. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter..

Posted 4 Years Ago

Firstly, I really think the character of Batman is much more developed in this chapter. Awesome. Still, you do an amazing job with the Joker. Now for constructive criticism lol.

Make sure the reader knows that Doomsday is still out there. He doesn't have to be the main focus, but maybe refer to him every once in awhile. Keep the feeling of disaster looming. Also, describe a few of the characters for the people who have no idea who they are. For me, I can see them in my head, but some people may not. And even if they do know the character, which way do they see that character? The Batman and Robin movie Bane, the comic book Bane, or the Dark Knight Rises Bane? So make sure to describe.

Nice cliffhanger at the end. I'm really liking seeing some of my favorite characters in one place, so keep em coming!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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