Superman / Apocalypse (Part Eight) Part 2 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse (Part Eight) Part 2 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Superman Returns


- Harley stooped down to help Wonder Woman, and as she removed more rocks off of the injured hereon, she was stunned by what she had seen next. A large piece of metal stuck out from her abdomen. Wonder Woman moaned and then cried in pain as Harley put her hands on the piece of metal. The scream pierced Cat Woman’s ears as she twisted around with concern, her heart dropped as she didn’t know what to do. And her thoughts drifted. Is this how they are going to die? Is this end of mankind? Superman… where is Superman? Her eyes blurred as her emotions began to run wild. She felt afraid for Wonder Woman, feared for her death, she feared Superman had abandoned them and all she could think of next was, Batman. Her heart raced as her life, the moment and the sight of it all struck her. This is it. She thought and she wanted to feel Batman’s embrace before she went, to feel the warmth of his body, and feel his beating heart against her chest. Feel his lips on hers. If she was going to die, she wanted it to be in his arms.

Her feelings for the dark knight began to pour out. And she needed him so, how much she yearned for him and the very thought of him held her together. She snapped from her daze and instructed Bane to haul Green Lantern over to the building they were using. She held onto Bane and quietly said, “I want you to go and keep an eye on Batman for me. Keep him out of harm’s way, like a guardian angel.” he nodded. And after he done his duty, Cat Woman looked up at him, “I appreciate what you are going to do, but if… if I don’t make it. Can you tell him for me, I love him?” Bane stood over her and he gently caressed her face and then put his hand on her head and nodded yes.

She watched as Bane left, her heart tugged at her. She put her head down for a moment, shutting her eyes, she whispered, “Please God, let me embrace him one last time.” she then moved toward the scene where Harley and Wonder Woman were, she looked down on both as she was shocked to see the critical condition Wonder Woman was in. -


The building creaked and the vibrations were felt. Cat Woman darted her eyes upward, “I don’t think we have much time. We have to get her to safety.”


“We can’t move her; she may be pinned to the wall.” Harley craned her head slightly.


“The building is giving away, we have to move her, and we have no choice. Now come on. Grab an arm.” Cat Woman paced forward.


“We can’t!” Harley rose and stepped in front of her. “There’s metal shrapnel piercing her stomach. If we move her, we might do more harm than good. We might… we might kill her.” she then turned away.


“Harley, she’ll die by being crushed if we don’t move her, the building is collapsing, and we have to chance it. Look I know she means a lot to you, I know how much you care for her… I’ve known for a while Harley.” Cat Woman rested a hand on her shoulder and Harley turned her head to the side. “I’ve seen it in your eyes Harley, how they light up when you read about her or watch her on old news videos. It’s no secret, to me anyways.” Harley then turned in shock with her mouth slightly open. “Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me.” Cat Woman smiled. “But by leaving her there, is no way of…” Just then the building creaked again and the ground shuddered.


Both Cat Woman and Harley looked up and had seen the top of the building topple. They both reached down, Harley looked at Cat Woman with concern in her eyes and clutched the wounded hero and pulled. Wonder Woman screamed loudly in pain as the three scurried across the street. Harley fell as the ground quaked pulling all three down, but quickly they got to their feet and they ran dragging the heroin. They ducked into the building holding the other fallen heroes.


“Hurry!” Harley shouted. “Get to the back.”


Cat Woman turned her head, “Bane… What about Bane?!” she thought and the ground juddered and all the remaining windows exploded inward as the building across the street came crashing down. Clouds of white dust and soot bombarded the building as the women dove for cover.



Amongst the darkness of Space,


In the blackness of the universe, a half marble shaped ball glimmered turquoise blue. The moon was vast desert of craters, a rock destined for man. It was a dream to walk among the gods. It was to be an intergalactic walk hand in hand with the visitors of the heavens. And here on this very moon, lies a commemorative inscription and flag, Neil Armstrong had set up, the first man to walk on the moon.

Superman stood over that very spot, gazing, lost within his thoughts. The voices, the cries, he had blocked them all out. Only the void of space filled his ears. But here he stood, thinking of the feat the people of earth had done. Setting foot on the moon, and the catch phrase he heard as a boy filled his memory. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” and reading what was inscribed, at the end, the words, ‘We come in peace for all mankind.’ joggled him.


And then he looked up into the darkness of space, his eyes slowly descended on earth. His heart pounded and he looked at his hands that were now shaking with fear. He closed his hands into a ball of fists, closing his eyes, fighting the will to retain his inner strength and then a voice came to him,

“Kal El, you have been sent to earth so you may survive the destruction of our planet, Krypton. You have been sent here as the flag bearer of peace of our race.  Our people were great people, peaceful people. Once rich and powerful of the entire universe, but our time has come to an end. And upon learning of a species that may danger the planet earth, I have taken the steps forward in trying to save them. The people of earth are good people, for I have studied them for some time, and they are an impenitent society, but they can be great people; for they lack only the light of guidance to become great leaders. For this, I give them you… the last descendant of Krypton, my son. It is you that holds this race together; you are their strength, their armor, their protector. Already, you may have found what powers you hold, what strength you have. Your powers Kal El, are only for good as you represent our people, our culture. You may stand out from the rest but here… you will be loved, you will be adorned by many. And you will also be hated by others. And being amongst them, you will have human traits such as, love, pain and fear. These traits are also what we felt when your mother and I said our goodbyes. I have sent you here so you can be a guide to these people; show them what is right from wrong. I have sent you here so you can be of great importance, so you may help these people when the time had come. Kal El, my son. You are a symbol of hope.”


He had forgotten who he was, he forgotten what he was capable of doing. And he had forgotten his duty, and he had forgotten his reason why he was here. For the time has come for him to help the people of earth, to save them from the destruction of this rampant beast. A creature cast out from the cosmos, where it spent the last millennia deep in the earth’s crust. Now the sleeping giant has ascended, risen to do what it was bred to do… eradicate earth.


The void he controlled no longer held and the cries from earth, from Metropolis filled his cranium again.

Superman… Superman we need you. Superman, help us… You’re nothing but a coward! I hate you, I trusted you… please help us, dear god help us! Superman… Superman!

And then he heard the beasts roar followed by a women’s scream.  His heart slammed against his chest, as the painful cry broke him free from all his misled thoughts.


“Diana…” he murmured and in a flash he was gone from the moon.


© 2014 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
to be continued...

boy that was awesome wasn't it.

I hope you are enjoying this series. I am not sure when it will end, the story has enveloped me and taken me on quite the journey. But the book will let me know when its at its end point, until then, rate it leave reviews on how you are liking it :)

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This was a very well-written chapter.
t's been a long battle, but it seems Supes will finally bring it to an end. Awaiting the next part :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

than you batsy, glad you enjoyed it. Its a doozy the next 2 to follow. :D
lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

thank you i mean :)

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