BL - Ten

BL - Ten

A Chapter by lawrence bear

It's going to be a long night


However, as much as I had hoped it was a dream, it would turn out to be a nightmare. The wind howled and the trees swooshed and the cold air nipping on my face. I needed to get out of the open and away from the wind. Before I knew it, I was standing in that clearing staring at the claw marks etched deep in those trees. The ones that were uprooted and placed upside down, I felt a tingle on the back of my neck looking at them. Fear began to crawl upon me and cloak the area like a dark cloud. For the first time, I felt afraid to be out there. The wind shrieked among the top of the tall pines. A great grey owl hooted nearby and leapt from its perch which startled me, a raven squawked as it flew by that had me whirling from one cry to another. It was a sign… a sign to get out of there. I took two steps before I heard a branch snap in the woods. I stopped and turned slightly… it was like the forest had fallen silent, the wind howled no more casting an unsettling feeling. My heart sprinted, I tried to remain calm as I stood there looking down and listening, but my heart pounded as if it were about to burst from my chest. I then heard something snort from within the shadows, my mouth felt completely dry and it was hard to swallow, and when I did it felt like a marble sliding down my throat. My legs felt like rubber as I heard another branch snap and this thing snort once more. I seen it breath as it grunted fifty maybe seventy yards before me. My brain registered ‘Run’ but my legs were disconnected from my brain wire and were frozen to the ground. “Run,” I said to myself. “RUN!” and they finally came to life as I bolted the other way. I heard it come after me as it crashed, snapping the trees like twigs, it screeched as I spun with my rifle up. The dark shadow casted a black cloud as it came, trees flew aside as it carved a path toward me and my finger pulled the trigger… it was a dud, I reloaded and it roared as it came out from the darkness clawing me. I let out a gasp and Jack shook me, “Marcus…” he shook some more. “Marcus…wake up.”


           “Oh thank God… it was only a dream.” I said resting on my forearms in bed, and then he stuck his finger on my lips motioning me to be quiet.


           “Something’s outside. So you don’t freak out, we’ve got it under control.” He murmured and pointed to the roof. “Listen.”


            A few seconds after, a thump came from the cabin roof and the wall creaked, followed by a low rumbling growl then a snort, or a sniffing sound. I propped myself up onto my elbows now wide awake. It seemed to rub something against the walls as it rounded the cabin. Mark stood ready with his rifle. Jack and I exchanged glances as something began breathing heavily. It sniffed again as it thumped against the wall; within those few seconds in which seemed like minutes, we sat in total bewilderment. That sound and that breathing, was it the same as the one as in the woods? The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I sat upright listening, goose bumps began to form as I remembered the breathing vividly. I swallowed the lump in my throat. Whatever it was, it could have followed us back from across the lake. It circled the cabin again grunting and growling. I looked around following every bump it made on the cabin walls and then unexpectedly, it howled and bumped against the wall hard which had knocked over the books and pictures that were on the shelves.

Mark fired at the wall as it made that horrifying call. My hair stood on end and goose bumps crawled to the surface of my skin. It hit the cabin hard again, banging almost like it was trying to break through the walls. Jack followed Mark’s response and began firing at the wall as it howled again. Several seconds had passed and it was relentless, if anything, it would come right through the windows or come crashing through the door. I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do and I was frozen with fear. Soon the boys stopped and reloaded quickly, they stood ready again, waiting for what might come through the windows or the cabin door. But that rumbling seemed to have moved away. We stood in an eerily silence, my legs were shaking and I was damn near of pissing myself. When I came to my senses, I tried to search for my rifle, but my hands were shaking so hard from the ordeal, I barely was able to grab anything.


            For a long while we listened for it before Mark had decided to venture outside, he looked to Jack for support. He aimed his rifle as Mark cautiously went to the door; Mark looked back at us as his hand hung above the door knob. He nudged his head at me to come forward, “Be ready to fire.” He whispered. I shook my head ‘No’ as I was barely standing on my own; he frowned and slowly clasped the door knob. “Don’t be a p***y.” He said. My heart was in my throat thumping and I gripped my rifle in fear as I held my breath. I was petrified that this thing would come rushing out from the darkness towards us… the door flung open and wind came gushing in and my gun was up and ready. Nothing but complete silence, I let out my breath.

Both Jack and Mark went forth with their rifles ready, one scouting as the other was ready to pull the trigger. I stepped out from the cabin and watched them; I tried to gather my thoughts, having been awakened in the midst of something this terrible was enough to rattle ones brains. Am I dreaming? I thought. What the hell just happened and what the hell was this thing? Jack held his flashlight searching the bushes, but all we could see was the falling snow. Mark had gone off in the other direction of Jack and me. Jack investigated for footprints but couldn’t find one of what kind of animal it may have been. Mark whistled loudly and then hollered for us to come; we turned and ran to where he stood.


           “What is it?” Jack puffed.


           “Look!” Mark pointed and shined his light on the elk. “It’s taken them.”


           “What’s taken?” I uttered as I had realized two elk were rocking back and forth.

      Jack craned his head a little and said, “We had four.” and then he stepped forward and searched for any traces of tracks.


            “Sons of b*****s…” Mark muttered shining his light on the elk. “I’ll hunt those b******s down. There won’t be any wolves left this side of the lake when I’m through.”


            “Can I see your light for a moment?” I asked Mark and he handed it over without question.

I stood observing the elk hanging from its hooks, and if there were two missing, these wolves would have had to stand over seven feet to unhook them, not only that and be able to hold over a thousand pounds while doing so. “I don’t think it’s wolves we should be worried about.” I said to myself as Mark had wondered into Jack’s direction. Shortly after, Jack had whistled for us. He shined his light on a trail of spotted blood that lead toward the forest, we followed it to the bush line when Mark stopped suddenly and turned to us. “That’s funny,” he said as his head turned this way and that looking at the ground.

“What is it?” Jack asked as he slung his rifle over his shoulder.

“There are no drag marks… no tracks, nothing. There are no signs of anything.” Mark paused momentarily before walking ahead a few more steps shining his light to one area. “If it’s not wolves that done this, then what in the world would carry off…”


            “Of course there isn’t going to be any tracks,” Jack cut in. “It’s snowing real heavy if you haven’t noticed, any track will be covered by now.”

“Well, I guess we have no choice but to wait until morning… Or until it comes back.” Mark had said and walked back toward the cabin.

Mark’s words were not comforting to me, not one bit. That made me all the more nervous. I’m trying to keep from shitting myself and these guys are all relaxed. We didn’t know what we were up against, I know for a fact it wasn’t wolves. The snow hadn’t let up either; it seemed to be getting worse by the minute and that odor this thing left behind. God, that was an awful stench, it burned into my nostrils and I was damn near to spewing. But I sucked it up and swallowed that lump in my throat, I tried my best to hide my fears gripping my rifle, dreading of what lies beyond those woods. I was in no mood to sleep, I couldn’t and how could I. My hands trembled holding the stock. I was never afraid to venture into the woods to hunt, I wasn’t afraid of anything, until now. This was going to be a long night…


© 2017 lawrence bear

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Added on February 28, 2014
Last Updated on March 20, 2017
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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear