Superman / Apocalypse (Part Nine) Part 2 of 4

Superman / Apocalypse (Part Nine) Part 2 of 4

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Blackest Night


         “This is catastrophic! What we are witnessing is unbelievable.” A news reporter broadcasts on air.


The visual his cameraman records, is of ruins, buildings on fire, skyscrapers toppled over. It is of what use to be a beautiful city, which once glowed in the night with its bright lights, a city with towering buildings and a city that is on an island, which seen from the sky can be almost mistaken for, Atlantis. But this great city is called, Metropolis. A city that is home to the greatest hero in the world, nonetheless this great city we now see is enclosed by black smoke which looms above Metropolis blackening out the sun.


“It’s like… it’s like a bomb had gone off…” The roar of the monster interrupts his dialog. “This is madness; it seems nothing can stop it. The army defended our city at all costs, along with, Batman and his colleagues who also fell defending this city. Yet there is no sign of Superman, we are in our darkest hour and he is nowhere in sight. I’m sure you are wondering the same question as I am. Where is Superman? Is it possible this beast may have encountered him before arriving here? Is it possible this monster may have defeated him? Is it possible our man of steel is no more? If this is so, I am sorry to announce my fellow viewers. Will we see daylight again? Is there not a glimmer of hope? We are shrouded in darkness; we are in our blackest night. We are without Superman. We are on our own. If this is so, what we are witnessing here is truly… the end of the world.”




The White House, Washington DC


            The President’s heart dropped upon hearing the reporter’s words and a lump appeared in his throat as he watched the events unfold on the big screen.


“Mr. President.” The man with the brief case solemnly spoke; he stood with the papers ready, holding them out toward the Commander in Chief. “We have no choice sir, but to go ahead with operation Star-Fox. It is clear that our man of steel is no longer with us.”


The President closed his eyes as he lowered his head; those words stung him like rain on a windy day. He didn’t want to believe Superman was gone. No, it can’t be true. He muttered to himself. Pulling himself away from the screen, a single tear ran down his face. He had tried to fight them back but the anguish was too great. Lifting his head, he wiped at his cheek with the back of his hand; he looked at one of his guards and nodded. The man stepped forward and retrieved the papers and then handed them over to the President. Slowly he pulled out his pen and before signing, he glanced around the room without a word. The room fell silent as only the blips and beeps of computers sounded; his pen scribbled his name on the documents.

The man with the briefcase then stepped forward to the computer board; he lifted out a key that hung around his neck, and removed it placing it into the switchboard and turned. A small compartment lifted up from the board and displayed a monitor and keyboard. The President was hesitant as he stood staring at it.


“Mr. President.” The Secretary of Defence spoke stepping toward the board. And gestured his hand toward the keyboard and said, “Sir, we need you to enter the codes.”


The President’s mouth was dry and when he swallowed, it felt like sandpaper sliding down his throat as he stepped forward and began punching in the codes. Once he was finished, another compartment opened with a red button.


“Set the co-ordinance to Alpha Beta One Eight Two, Metropolis.”  The President lifted his head and scanned the room once more.


“Operation Star-Fox confirmed, target destination for detonation, Metropolis city. Launch setting will commence at two minutes.” The computer pronounced.


Turning back, his glance caught the eyes of the man before him; the Secretary of Defence lifted his arm and rested on the President’s shoulder and said, “It was a hard decision to make, but it had to be done.”


The President nodded, he then lifted his hand and stood with it hovering over the button. He shut his eyes and whispered, “God forgive us for what we are about to do.” He held his breath as he pushed the button.


“Sequencing countdown to launch in two minutes, one minute and fifty-nine, one minute and fifty-eight…” The computer announced.


© 2014 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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The addition of the President and the Star-Fox operation is an intriguing addition to the story, adding more to the plot and suspense. But of course, it also feels like a real situation that would occur. Keep it up. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

Thanks batsy. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. Hope you like the next chapter :)

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