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Superman / Apocalypse ( Prologue )

Superman / Apocalypse ( Prologue )

A Chapter by lawrence bear



- Blackness enveloped a city, flashes of orange and red vibrated from within the darkness and the earth grumbled. A young teen boy emerges from the shadows, his hair, short, curled and dark which made his pale face stand out from the murkiness. Alone and afraid, the sky thundered as a beast roared, tears formed on the rim of his cobalt eyes and rolled down his cheeks as he stared on in alarm.

A massive being rumbled from within the earth and the ground juddered. Fire and debris fell from its wide shoulders; horns poked out all around its massive form as it appeared like a prehistoric dinosaur and it snarled as it clambered to the surface. The boy stood and watched in bewilderment as it now stood before him, the creature stood on two legs and stretched out its colossal arms with a roar.


The teen turned and ran; the beast snarled and gave chase. Its footsteps shook the ground beneath the boy’s feet as he tried to out run the creature. It roared as it swiped clawing the air behind him, he could feel its hot breath as it gained on him. Buildings toppled from the vibrations of its massive footfalls and the boy exhausted and scared, turned to face the charging beast. The creature swooped at him grabbing him and hoisting him up into the air by the throat. The boy gripped the creature’s horned hands and screamed as he pulled with all his might, the beast let out a roar as its strength was oddly matched. The boy stared into the cosmos struggling to get free from its grasp, tears streaked from his eyes as the beast gripped him harder around the neck and thundered once more and then the heavens burst into a bright light. -


- Clark awoke screaming as he propped himself upright in bed, thunder shook the ground as it boomed and rain pounded against the windowpane. He was soaked with perspire as he sat there gasping for air and the room lit from flashes of lightning followed by the rumble of more thunder. Slowly he swung his legs out and rose from the bed and strode toward the washroom. He flicked on the lights and turned the cold tap on, then splashed water onto his face a few times before looking into the mirror. -

“I thought I was done having these childhood nightmares.” Beads of water ran and dripped from his nose.


- Thunder quaked the building as more rain pelted against the glass. Clark flicked the washroom light off as he made his way back to bed. With a towel around his waist and with another he dried his hair. Sitting on his bed, he turned to his alarm clock on his night stand, 4:30 AM. -

He sighed, “Another sleepless night.”

© 2014 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Sorry for the new start so late, but I had a dream and had to piece this into my story. I hope you like the new beginning.

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Hi,thanks for your review. I know its been along time but i was away for a very long time. Im just now getting back on and getting back into writing. I will read your story when i can but this intro is amazing,i love the dream it is very poetic. Very well written out,i look forward to reading more.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Found this while looking for a comic/graphic novel to read on writers cafe. And I enjoyed the prologue for this series. As I am a superman fan. And I fellow comic book writer XD

Posted 1 Year Ago

First of all, I love apocalyptic themes.. Pair that with Superman...and you got something... (Hawt!) ;)
Love that you took this story to another level.. keep writing!~xoxo~:)

Posted 3 Years Ago

lawrence bear

3 Years Ago

Thank you Robbie, I hope you enjoy my series :)

3 Years Ago

Indeed.. I have no doubt, it'll be wonderful! :)
lawrence bear

3 Years Ago

Look forward to your reviews :)
I noticed the imagery immediately, very nice! This is a very intriguing start, if I do say so myself. You did a marvelous job dropping right into the action; it sucked me right in and the fact that it was a dream was a good jolt. That is a REALLY overdone plot point, so it’s cool when someone can do it right! Very good prologue.

“his hair; short” A semi colon is really not needed here

Posted 3 Years Ago

lawrence bear

3 Years Ago

Thank you, Meat of dog. This story is a rough draft and I will rewrite and thank you for your helpfu.. read more
Meat of Dog

3 Years Ago

Of course! And yeah I'll be following it ;)

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