Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Ten ) Part 2 of 4

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Ten ) Part 2 of 4

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Faith regained.



The bus spits out black smoke as it nears its destination; the engine roars as it kicks into a higher gear. With the front fender mangled, as though it were baring sharp metal teeth and it devoured anything in its path.

The creature thundered and it swung its massive fist into the tank that delivered its last shot. The shell missed its target and struck a building already leaning against another. The Building crumbled from the blast and began to plummet.

Sitting behind Batman, Joker had witnessed the explosion, “Oh my, what a spectacular view. It appears we are about to burst into this meeting Batman!” Joker said and laughed in excitement.

Batman scanned the building as it toppled and glanced at Joker through the rear-view mirror. “Meeting adjourned.” and then gripped the wheel and pressed the pedal to the floor.


Joker fell back into his seat laughing as the bus jerked forward, “Ah, there’s the dark knight I know. Ha-ha. Unpredictable, yet so much fun.” then turning to face his thugs, “Put a smile on your face boys, were going to be a hit.” and then he broke out into a ghastly laugh.




Bleep… bleep…

The sounds of something beeping echoes, followed with sounds of people talking but their voices are muffled. Our heroin awakens slightly but her vision is blurry. She tries to speak to the voices surrounding her but nothing comes from her as she falls back into an unconscious state. Darkness enveloped her once again; the last thing she remembers were the sounds of explosions as her memories emanated to her. Car alarms sound with the wailing of sirens. A beast roars as she finds herself standing in the middle of the street grasping her sword.


Green Lantern muttered for her to save herself,

The ground beneath her began to vibrate as the monster climbed to the surface. She turned to face it gripping her sword, and as she watched the creatures arm burst through the rubble, she stood holding her breath as the sound of metal bending rang as the beast struggled to the surface.


“Get out of here Diana!” Green Lantern shouted, “Get out while you still can.”


She stood frozen with fear, with everything racing through her mind. She thought of it, what Green Lantern had said.  She bowed her head in shame and muttered to herself, “No, I will not… abandon you, it’s not who I Am.” she wiped at her cheeks before rushing to aid Green Lantern.

As they both crossed the street and stepped onto the curb, she heard Batman calling to them. Turning her head to see where he was, she then saw the beast lift a bus and hurl it toward them. She pushed Green Lantern aside and gasped…

Her arms flayed in the air. She screamed in pain, in terror. She felt herself pinned and she screamed to free herself. She fought to get free from the Ambulances stretcher. Blurred figures surrounded her, the sound of beeps echoed in her head. The sound of muffled voices spoke to her; slowly they came clear along with her vision as she heard a woman’s voice telling her it was okay, and she’ll be alright. Wonder Woman stopped struggling and she recognized Cat Woman before her, “You’re safe now,” Cat Woman had said as she looked on her pressing a wet towel gently against her forehead.


“Where am I? And how did I get here?” Wonder Woman strained as she tried to sit up but the straps held her down.


“She’s seems to be okay now, Jake. Radio it in.” The attendant notified the driver. “You are safe and sound Wonder Woman; you’re in an ambulance and we are on route to the hospital.”


“Hospital… I can’t.”


“You need tending to your wound.” Cat Woman had said. “You were badly injured. It was Harley who had found you, and then that building came crashing down.” she paused before wiping at her eyes. “I thought I was going... I thought we were going to die.”


“I feel fine, I need to go back.”


“Wonder Woman, you’ll die out there. You must understand why I can’t let you go. Many have died in its wake.”


“And I die… I'm sorry but that’s what separates us.” Wonder Woman paused before she continued. “Heroism is not about what we are; it is what we do in that moment. It is in this time that we must make a stand and fight for what we believe in. Fight for our brethren, our freedom and our very existence. And without Superman, we must try; we must not give up hope.”


“But he is here,” Cat Woman’s eyes turned away and stared at the floor, “He saved us.”


“Superman… He’s here?” Wonder Woman felt her heart hammer against her chest.


Cat Woman’s eyes filled with tears, “I know I should have mentioned it sooner, but he left to fight that, that creature.”


An emergency broadcast interrupted and aired through the Ambulances CB.

“Attention all personal, by the order of the President. We must send word to Superman to stop the nuclear bomb that is headed for Metropolis. I repeat, by order of the President. We must send word to Superman by any means possible.”


“Driver,” Wonder Woman barked. “I order you to stop.”


The Ambulance skidded to a halt.


 “Did I hear that right, they’re dropping a bomb on us?” the driver uttered while the other attendant sat and stared on in bemusement.


Wonder Woman raised her head, “I am the only one who can get to Superman. Undo these straps right now; it may be your only chance for survival.”


© 2015 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
What's this? The return of Wonder Woman..? The writer certainly dropped a bomb on us in this chapter, Are you shocked as I am? Stay tuned fellow fans. The writer isn't finished with us yet.

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A Story by lawrence bear