Superman / Apocalypse (Part Ten) Part 3 of 4

Superman / Apocalypse (Part Ten) Part 3 of 4

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The clock is ticking...


           The sound of the building reverberated as it came down; Batman gripped the wheel as did Joker to the bomb with one hand and the other hung tightly to the pole. The building crashed down crushing the back of the bus slicing it in half. The front part whirled bouncing off another building, and then skidded on its side a few hundred feet before it came to a rest. Clouds of ash bombarded the street, and the ground rumbled followed with another explosion as a gas line had ruptured.

Moments had passed… a coughed came from within the bus; slowly the figure crawled out and staggered to his feet. He stood dazed and stared into blackness, his back pressed against the bus and then covering his mouth as he coughed some more. The dust thinned and gradually dissipated; there stood Batman who was unable to reason as he gaped into oblivion, lost and unaware of his surroundings. Tearing off a piece from his cape, he covered his mouth as he coughed once more.

The beast thundered but Batman could hear nothing but a piercing ringing tone in his ears. When the dust had settled, Batman reverted to his coherent state of mind. Remembering whom he was with, he ducked back into the bus to check on, Joker but he laid there motionless. For a moment, Batman beheld staring unaware of what to do. His heart raced as he felt worrisome toward his nemesis. The sound of the clock ticking on Joker’s device and the roar of the beast pulled him away from where his mind was going. Batman reached for the device and pulled wincing in pain. He studied the cylinder and looked at the time on the device, 10:42 as it counted down. His head turned toward outside as the beast thundered once more. Batman looked back at Joker and groaned, “I hope you added the kryptonite you old fool or all this would be meaningless.” and he shifted his head upward closing his eyes momentarily, “Selina…” he thought and then crawled out from the bus pulling the device. His heart pounded the walls of his chest as he arose and gazed upon the beast as it thundered in the distance.



            Superman hovered above a city in ruins; black smoke besieged the skyline as small eruptions appeared here and there. He was bewildered and unable to comprehend as his heart drummed against his chest and tears formed on the rim of his eyes. Lost in his thoughts, past memories collided with present and it clawed at him. Those cries of helpless people and children haunted him; He could still hear their pleas and when he shut his eyes, tears streamed down his face as he hung there regretting and questioning his faith.


            “You can’t save everyone son, it’s impossible…” A memory reverts from his father, Jonathan Kent. “You can’t be everywhere at once, even with your great speed; you are bound to lose someone.”


            Superman’s head drooped and he fought to hold back his tears but it was no use, all his pain, all his fears, and all his fury, he let it out as he cried out in agony. Opening his eyes he gazed at his hands momentarily before clenching them closed in anger. “No more…” his voice trembled. “No more dying, no more…” he uttered. “I am their last hope… I am the man of steel, I am, Superman.”



            Meanwhile across the bay,


            Wonder Woman stood outside the ambulance putting on her bracelets as one of the paramedics brushed a special clear liquid hardener to Superman’s suture on her abdomen. A new prototype used in all hospitals to coat and seal the wounds from opening. “You know,” The paramedic said to her, “If you don’t mind me saying. But either you are one brave woman or one crazy broad to go back there, especially in your condition.”


Wonder Woman chuckled at his remark. For a moment, it made her think of Green Lanterns humor and it made her smile. “It’s alright citizen,” she beamed. “I feel fine, thanks to you. But I will not turn my back on a friend in need. As a soldier of the league, we fight for justice and amity.”


The paramedic shook his head with a smirk, “I was wrong, you are crazy.”


Wonder Woman tilted her head back and laughed holding her stomach, “I like you,” she said and grasped his bearded face and kissed him on the lips, then she turned to Cat Woman, “We haven’t much time, we must go.”


“I’m not going,” Cat Woman uttered, her stomach was in a knot. “Not this time, you understand, don’t you?” Wonder Woman stood staring and with a smile and a nod, she departed. Cat Woman looked on as she headed back towards Metropolis, she wanted to go, and she needed to know if Batman were still alive. But that sinking feeling she had, she feared looking upon his body. And she was afraid she could not handle it. “Please…” she thought, “Please be well Bruce.” tears rolls down her face as she heard the beast roar.


© 2015 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Its been awhile but the battle nears, stay tuned my friends. Its almost over.

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Added on February 21, 2015
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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear