Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Ten ) Part 4 of 4

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Ten ) Part 4 of 4

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Fallen Knight


Trails of blood followed behind as the dark knight dragged the device. His cowl tattered and the mask frayed some, with small parts of black hair poking out dripping with blood. His adrenaline held him up as he staggered forward. Grinding his teeth while blood dripped from his brow, the pain he felt was boundless and everything that was happening seemed surreal. The ground shook from the foot falls of the beast, and the sky draped in clouds of soot and smoke. He fought against his aching body, his fate hung on a wire as his will was to try and stop the monster. Maybe, just maybe, Joker’s plan would work. Deep down, he had his doubts and his stomach turned thinking of it… but it was worth a try.

Batman stood for a moment caught in his thoughts, thinking of the consequences that this scheme might not work; he turned to look back at Joker. How could he believe him, how could he had let him come this far, after all he was his greatest adversary? He wanted to have faith in him, that Joker had some good in him considering on how keen he was to help stop this thing. He wouldn’t cross him, would he? He couldn’t. This creature was set to destroy earth and every living thing on it. Joker must be trusted he thought to himself. Batman lifted the device, the clock ticked... Ghosts of Jason Todd flashed before him. All he could hear was Joker’s evil laugh and those desperate cries from Jason.

Batman tried to find him, he was so close, but the world closed in on him. His heart raced as the sound of the clock ticking took him back. “Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!”


“Jason!” Batman cried to the heavens before he collapsed... the thought of him brought him to one knee; and there he was, holding Jason’s lifeless body. Tears rolled down his face; it was one thing that nearly broke him... How he failed at saving Jason.


Batman held him close; Jason was not only the boy wonder. He was his teammate, his friend. He was like his son and he had died of a horrible death and Batman felt responsible. Joker had killed him with a bomb and ironically, Batman held onto one of Jokers bombs. Was this some kind of sick joke, had he played into one of Jokers schemes? Had Joker planned this all along? No, he couldn’t have. Had he? Batman shook his head in disgust as he leaned forward on his arms. Memories of Jason came in waves, those moments of training, the detective work, and his smile when they accomplished their duty. Batman’s heart fell, he felt mislaid, hopeless and he felt broken. He felt defeated.


Had Joker finally won his long battle with the Batman? After all the trials and tribulation, after all these years, was the Bat giving up?


“Forgive me Jason,” Batman whimpered staring down at his ghost. “I’m so sorry.”


“It mustn’t end like this,” Jason voiced, his eyes now looking up at Batman. “It can’t end like this. You must not give up hope, you must not fall. You are, Batman.” And just like that, he vanished.


“Come back!” Batman pleaded, “Come back.” He sobbed. 

But his tears would not bring Jason back; they would not save the world from annihilation. With those last words he heard him say, it rejuvenated him. It wasn’t like him to give up, he mustn’t lose himself. Jason was right, he must continue on. Without Superman, the world needed a hero. He must rise to the call, and Batman stood once more with bomb in arm. Battered but not broken, he had one more fight in him. He was last man standing and it was up to him to stop this creature.

© 2015 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
To Be Continued....

I like to express my thanks to you the reader and fans of super heroes. I thank you for hanging onto my every word and I like to apologize for the long wait. I will continue to write this saga. My initial plans were it to be a short series but the action and characters have taken me to new heights. Again, I can't thank you enough, but hang in there as I am writing at fast as I can to bring you the action.

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Added on September 5, 2015
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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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