Superman/Apocalypse (Part Eleven) Part 1 of 2

Superman/Apocalypse (Part Eleven) Part 1 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The Killing Joke


The monster thundered in the distance, and the earth shook as it pounded the buildings. Batman hitched forward, and it wasn’t long after when another voice called to him. He turned to see if it was Joker, but the voice came from the shadows beyond the bus. At first he thought his mind was playing tricks on him.


Again he heard it, Batman stood as he wasn’t sure if he were going mad hearing voices. “Buenos Dias Batman,” And from beyond the bus a shadowy figure emerged. Bane strode forward chuckling. “It’s time to die Batman, either by my hands or that thing out there.”


“Not today Bane, we must put aside our differences and work together to stop it.”


“You made that pact with Joker, not with me.” He continued to walk toward Batman.


“You got to be kidding; this is not the time quarrel. The world is at state and this monster must be stopped.” Batman prepared himself, as Bane stood before him. His massive shoulders rose and fell as he breathed.


“The only monster you need to stop is me.” Bane continued forward clenching his hands into balls of fists.


Batman cocked his head to one side, “What’s with you clowns. You always want to rule the world, can’t you this one time, give it a break?”


“Indeed Batman,” Bane responded and slammed his fist into his other hand. “It’s what I do best. I break things, including you.” and then he lunged forward with a grunt.


Batman raised his arms to block Bane’s forearm, and then catching another thrust from Bane in the face. Batman staggered back in pain, it was like being struck with a wrecking ball. Bane laughed, giving the dark knight time to recover and Bane leaned forward delivering another crushing blow to Batman. He was tired and was able to block so much, but Bane over powered him and the air cracked with hammering blows and the dark knight fell. Rolling to his knees and covering one side of his ribs. Droplets of blood fell from his brow, the cuts from his side blackened from the soot. Batman fought against the pain, he wasn’t going to let this stop him from saving the world. He’d give his life so these people could live but he was not going to die now, not to Bane. He grit his teeth and rose to his feet. Small particles of debris fell from him and Bane nodded in approval. Explosions filled the air and the ground rumbled, car alarms were buzzing. Bane charged and Batman countered charging back where he leapt and forced his knee into Bane’s face. The villain growled in agony and threw both his fists at Batman in which he grasped with both hands. The dark knight wrestled the giants force and when bane seemed likely to over shadow him once more, Batman dropped his arms and delivered a head butt. Bane cried out and staggered back. Batman leaned in and connected two more cracks to Bane. Dropping to one knee Bane covered his face, Batman lurched forward to deliver another blow, but Bane hopped to his feet and wrapped his arms around him. He squeezed and Batman moaned in discomfort. Bane let go holding Batman by the throat with one hand choking him, “Now, let’s see who you really are under that cowl?” Bane pulled his hood off laughing, “Well, well, well; the playboy himself, Bruce Wayne.” Bane hoisted him over his head and growled, “Now I break you.”


Batman threw a flash bomb in Bane’s face causing him to let go. Batman partially caught Banes knee on the way down. Bane howled as he rolled on the ground. Batman laid there coughing; slowly he struggled to turn over onto his forearms, pulling himself away from Bane. The beast he really wanted to stop thundered in the distance. Batman crawled over to the explosive device and glanced at the clock. Five minutes remained and his head dropped in disgust and he turned to Bane.


“We haven’t much time Bane,” Batman muttered. “If I don’t get this bomb by that creature, we’ll all die, is that what you want? There will be nothing left.”


Bane crawled to his hands and knees “It’s a good day, Batman.” he moaned slurring, “A good day to die.”


A cackle echoed in the air, Bane spun with surprise. And there among them, was Joker standing by the bus, clasping a shotgun over his right shoulder. Blood dribbled down the sides of his face, “Whoa, why you all looking at me like that? Is it my hair?” Joker limped forward laughing, his jacket torn. His green hair was partially grey covered with blots of dried blood. And part of his face shown where his makeup had worn off. Scars were visible as he stepped closer.


“Bravo Bane, Bravo. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now if you’re going to kill the Bat, you will have to do it right.” Joker tossed the shotgun to Bane with a grin.


Batman was stunned; He gazed at Joker before he looked over to Bane who rose to his feet. Joker sneered as Bane pumped the shotgun and paused.


“Well, what are you waiting for Bane? It’s what you want isn’t it?” Joker spread out his arms, blood dribbled from the side of his head as he circled Bane taunting. “You want him dead don’t you? In this line of business, there’s no time to think. You just do it. Now pull the trigger and finish him off.” Joker smirked.


“No, I think it’s better if I finish you off, Joker.” Bane had said as he turned and pointed the gun at Joker, whom didn’t seem surprised, but in Joker fashion. He grinned at Bane, “And you call yourself a villain.”


“I’m tired of listening to you.” Bane barked. “It’s nothing personal Joker, but it’s your ugly face I don’t like and… jokes on you.” he pulled the trigger, ‘CLICK’ he pumped it again, ‘CLICK’


“Oops, did I go and forget to load that?” Joker giggled and from inside his jacket he pulled out a hand gun, he nodded with a grin and scratched the side of his head with it. “Do you think I would trust you with a gun? Do you think I’m mad? Well… maybe just a little, ha, ha. Now I wonder if this one has any bullets.” he pointed it at Bane. The air snapped with gunfire and Bane dropped to the ground screaming in pain. “I guess it does,” Joker laughed. “That’s the trouble with help these days,” Joker turned to Batman. “You can never find one that’s trust worthy.” Joker hunched down to Bane pushing the guns tip against his temple and said, “I do believe I specifically ordered, that no one and I mean NO ONE, kills the bat but me.” And then Joker pushed his finger into Bane’s wound causing him to squeal in pain. “That looks like it hurts, Ha, ha. What’s the matter Bane? You look a bit pale.” Joker sneered.


“Go to hell, you crazy clown!” Bane snapped.


Joker sniggered, “I will Bane, I will… but not today. You know, with all the kicking and screaming. You’d think you’re having the time of your life.” Joker smiled as Bane stared down the barrel of his pistol and squeezed the trigger. “Any last words, oh wait, your dead. Ha, ha, ha. Now that’s what I call, a killing joke.” and he let out a grisly laugh.


Joker then turned and hobbled toward Batman. The bomb ticked and Joker’s unsettling grin made it all more uneasy. The dark knight’s heart raced uncertain of his future as he struggled to stand.


“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you,” Batman spluttered. “It was all part of your plan. Right from the get go, and I fell for it.”


“There’s a scheme for everything old boy, and I assure you this isn’t one of them. Oh I know I said no one kills you but me, and I meant it.” Joker stopped and stared at the ground momentarily before he reached down to pick up something.


“So, you were only using me to drag this bomb to that thing. That’s how you’re going to kill me isn’t it? Two birds with one stone, but what if your plan doesn’t work, than what?”


Joker laughed, “I like how you think old boy. I’m sure it would be boom-tastic. But it’s more fun having you around, now that you’re back to your old self again; Dark and devious. And if I was to kill you Batman, what would I be without you? You are the only one that makes my heart sing.” he chuckled. “I gave myself the Willies saying that, ha ha. Now, before we can continue on our merry ol adventure, I believe you would be needing this.” Joker’s hand stretched out holding his cowl.


© 2016 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
More to come, stay tuned.
I do hope you are enjoying the ride, bwuhahahaha

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A Story by lawrence bear