BL - Eleven

BL - Eleven

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Dream Walker


While I stood there, old man Holden’s words and stories from the elders began to circle my head, of how vengeful and evil it was, that in fact it was the devil himself coming to collect your soul. My knees were shaking, I was terrified and the thought of that thing returning at any moment to take me didn’t help much either. I wanted to tell the guys what I had experienced back there in those woods, tell them what I saw. About those trees that were sticking out of the ground upside down. I wanted to tell them, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak of it. Just thinking of it sent chills through me, to the bone; it was like I could feel its hot rancid breath on the back of my neck. And when I closed my eyes, I could see its glowing red eyes in the shadows. And when I had opened them, there it was… a huge black being. Slowly my eyes panned up and when our eyes met, it roared and swiped its massive claws at me. I jumped nearly right out of my chair. F*****g nightmares, I rubbed my face and looked around and I had seen the guys were sound asleep. It was just me and the fire as it spat and hissed. I couldn’t trust my own dreams, that thing… haunted me either way.

My mind was running wild and I was over tired. These are just tales from the old folk, I kept telling myself. Stories to keep us from wondering off when were kids, to keep us from doing bad things we should not be doing, and in some way it was real enough to keep us from walking out alone.

      This is not happening, wake up Marcus! Wake up! It’s all just a dream, I thought to myself. This is all a bad dream.


“Hey Marcus,” Jack called to me pulling me out of my dream state. “Are you coming or what?”

      “Huh…” I looked at him for a second as I lost in my thoughts.

      “Come on,” he said, pulling at my coat. “Let’s get back inside. I’m getting cold.” Jack turned and headed back.

I followed behind still foggy when something snapped and I heard a low grumbling sound behind me in the woods. I spun around with my gun up and ready to fire. I stood listening for a moment, it was nothing. My mind was playing tricks on me and it sent chills up my spine. I shook it off and it gave me an extra spring in my footsteps as I was spooked. When I was inside the cabin with the door closed behind me, the tension in my shoulders slackened. And I was able to breathe normal again, but for how long.

One thing was certain; we weren’t out of the woods yet.



As the night progressed, the storm slowly cleared up and I was yet to sleep, but I was not tired. My fear enveloped me, and my worst nightmares became a reality. A loud moaning wail broke the silence of the night. It was back. How it sounded is hard to describe, but it was like a primeval call in some way, which in turn made the hairs on my body stand on end and my skin crawl.


    Jack came sprawling inside with his cigarette hanging from his lip. “That thing is back, its back! We’re going to die… We have to get out of here, I need to get out!” he was frantic and then he grabbed the door knob and ran out, I had no idea what he was doing, what he was thinking.

But before he could get three feet out from the doorway, Mark had leapt after him and wrestled him to the ground; Jack screamed in terror, struggling like a crazed man as they both rolled on the ground next to the door.

        “Help me!” Mark bellowed. “For god’s sake, help me!”


  Jack screeched as he overpowered Mark and was on top of him crying, “It’s going to kill us!”

The look in Jack’s eyes sent me back… I knew that look. When we were ten and playing hide and seek among the bush line, I remember that look when I found him. He had the same look in those dark brown eyes of his now, like he saw something, but was too afraid to say it.


I was lost in the moment before I realized he was strangling Mark. I jumped forward and struck him in the face with my fist and grabbed a hold of him. Mark rolled to his feet and jumped on us and began striking Jack over and over in the face. “You crazy son of a b***h,” He hollered, “Are you trying to get us killed!” I had to push Mark off before he beat him to death. Jack laid there motionless before he began to cry.

I helped Mark drag him back in and we tied him down for his own good, or was it ours. It wasn’t long before he started up again and became like a crazed bull. It was though he was possessed, and he tried to shake himself loose from my knots, I slowly edged backward. I became more afraid of Jack than of that what was outside. With him losing it in the cabin could cost us our lives. We needed to stay focused; we needed every ounce of strength to stay alive together.  Jack screamed and then stopped, he muttered a few words before he started to giggle, and he looked up at us and said something in another language. He then laughed uncontrollably, I was so bugged out I panicked, and I drove my fist into Jacks face screaming for him to shut up, and before I can hit him again, Mark was on top of me telling me to calm down.

I didn’t know what was happening to us, we were losing it. Jack spat out blood and snickered some more and continued with those unknown words. With all the commotion, we had forgotten to close the cabin door. It was no use trying to reason with Jack as we soon squabbled amongst each other, and the call of that thing shut us all up. It was closer and the door was wide open. Our eyes locked on the woods, and we stared momentarily waiting, waiting for it to show itself. With all the uproar we were having, this thing could have taken us by surprise.

The sickening call it made scared the crap out of me and I hurled toward the door and slammed it shut. My heart pounded so hard, it almost jumped out of my chest. And soon another call was heard, but from a distance. Jack started up again and spoke in another dialect; the son of a b***h was spooking me mighty, he wasn’t Jack. I stood staring at him, watching as he rambled and in the back of my head, I was screaming for him to stop. Mark kept his eyes on the woods cradling his rifle; he was rubbing it so hard it squeaked. With my eyes now closed I looked up to the heavens and prayed to our creator. Pleading, whatever this was, for it to leave. Was it from the forest where those upside down trees were? Or was it that thing attacking me in my dreams while I slept?

The old folk spoke of dream walkers, and all those stories I dismissed. I sure in the hell believed them now. With my back pinned against the door, not only were my knees shaking, but my entire body was trembling.


© 2017 lawrence bear

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Author's Note

lawrence bear
More to follow this teaser soon, I hope you are liking my story.

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Added on March 22, 2017
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lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear